Rx – Prescription Drug Price Increases

Co-Pay of $3.47, but the retail price is 10,000% higher???

“The purpose of insurance is to protect patients from the full cost of medical care at the point they need it,”  “An insured patient never faces full price.”  “the story underneath is more complicated,” often reflecting “a black-box negotiation process” between drugmakers, insurers and the middlemen who haggle behind closed doors over how much money changes hands.   basically everyone benefits from these crazy drug prices — except patients.

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How FREE Coupons raise the price of drugs 1,000% LA Times Sunday 12.14.2016

New York Times 1.15.2015 on why Rx are increasing.

Rx Drugs as one of the 10 Essential Benefits.

Prescription drugs. This is the fastest growing health care cost, and it is projected to grow at 20 to 30 percent each year over the next several years. There are many newer, more expensive drugs on the market, and the use of these prescriptions is exploding. In addition, with so much television advertising, many consumers ask their doctors for expensive, brand name drugs when there may actually be a generic drug that works just as well.
Prescription Drug Trends Fact Sheet KFF.org
Public Citizen Rx R & D Myths

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