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Health Net 2019 Information



2019 CommunityCare HMO Plan Overviews

CommunityCare HMO Silver Cost-Sharing Reduction Plan Overviews

2019 PureCare HSP Plan Overviews

2019 PureCare One EPO Plan Overviews

2019 EnhancedCare PPO Plan Overviews

2019 Disclosures

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In 2017 Covered CA mandates a Primary Care Physician for All Plans.  Learn More Covered CA 2017 Plan Booklet Page 149

Probable 23% rate increase for 2017 Insure Me

2015 Plan Overviews Direct

PPO Platinum 90 Gold 80     Silver 70 Bronze 60 Minimum Coverage    EPO Platinum 90  Gold 80Silver 70 Bronze 60Minimum Coverage   Paper Application 2015

Covered CA Plans

CommunityCare HMO Platinum 90  ♦  Gold 80  ♦ Silver 70

Silver Cost-sharing Reduction (Enhanced Silver)  Plan Overviews

HMO Silver 73  ♦   87  ♦   94

2015 PureCare HSP Plan Overviews

PureCare HSP Bronze 60   ♦   Minimum Coverage  ♦  EPO Platinum 90

Gold 80  ♦ Silver 70  ♦   Silver 73   Silver 87  ♦   Silver 94  ♦  Bronze 60    ♦  Minimum Coverage

 Resources & Links

Provider – MD Search ♦  Instructions

Comparison HMO – EPO – PPO in and out of Covered CA Networks –

Preventative Care  ♦  More

Glossary ♦  2014 Adult Dental Hints on getting coverage – terms – glossary for 2014 Letter to Members about billing problems in February and March.

4,100 Health Net Members cancelled by Covered CA!!!  HN Bulletin   Friendly Competitor Commentary  Must act by Sunday 12.21.2014!!!  – Turns out to be a “hoax?”    Excerpt of Email from Covered CA 12.23.2014     Please be advised that Covered California is not terminating policies from Health Net. What this email is referring to is the Health Net PPO policies that are not going to get auto enrolled due to that particular plan no longer being offered by Health Net.

In order for those clients to get a new plan, they need to go in and manually choose one.

All of these clients that currently have a Health Net PPO plan have already previously been notified by Health Net that their plan is not going to be offered in 2015. If your client is currently on a Health Net PPO plan, they need to choose a new plan by 12/21 in order to receive a 1/01/15 effective date for whatever new plan they choose.

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Health Net Portfolio Guide

2014 Plan Overviews – 2015 Health Net dropping PPO?More and new HSP planHN Official Agent NotificationAgent Announcement for 2015

80 Page Brochure – All Plans 2014 ♦ Take ONE Brochure – All plans Matrix 2 pages

PPO Platinum 90% $20/$0 Gold 80% $30/$0 ♦ Silver 70% $45/$2000 ♦ Bronze 60& $60/$5000 ♦ Catastrophic $0/$6350 CommunityCare HMO Platinum 90% $20/$0Gold 80% $30/$0Silver 70% $45/$2,000

Provider – MD Search Instructions ♦ 2014 Formulary

Preventative Care Preventative Care More on Preventative Care PPACA

Glossary 2014 Adult Dental Pediatric Dental

Southern CA Rates Northern CA

Call us 310.519.1335 Stay away from Covered CA, unless you need subsidies.

Member Website Demo Health Net Member Tour

Account Service Unit: 1-800-447-8812

Silver PPO EOC

Historical Information

Health Net will let members their options for 1.1.2014 on 9.27.2013.Broker Blast Unfortunately for some, HMO plans in many counties will not exist anymore. Read the letter you just rec’d from Health Net. BE SURE TO RESPOND and let HN know what plan you want! There are several plans that HN will be offering that are not in Covered CA. Members can just renew, shop the private market-FREE Quotes or if they qualify for subsidies we can help you apply through Covered CA (The exchange). Online quoting and enrollment for HN will be available 11.1.2013 for 2014. If you need a rate before that, email us and we can get it for you, using the pdf rate manual.

PPO HSA Plans PPO & HSA Plans 40 pages 1.2013 Rev.

PPO HSA Plans HMO 40 and Value 50 Plans 40 Pages 1.2013

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Health Net Employer Groups

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9.2013 Memo about 1.1.2014 mapping

Broker Contacts Book of Biz Guide Broker Proposal Guide underwriting guidelines

Individual & Family Plans (IFP) Enrollment Applications –
Effective January 1, 2019

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