Blue Cross / Anthem Policy holders have a Guaranteed Right under Serencsa v Blue Cross (A class action lawsuit)  to enroll in a NEW Blue Cross plan, if the plan you had on 9/23/2010 (when “grandfathering started)  has a rate increase or Blue Cross introduces a new Health Insurance policy / plan.  This right even allows you to move to a BETTER plan, regardless of medical underwriting.

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If you want to change plans, email us, we can then have you appoint us as your Blue Cross Agent/Broker at NO additional cost and send you the  Serencsa Change Form, rather than an entire application with Medical Questions.

The California Insurance Code also provides a guarantee to transfer to a plan with lower benefits with a simple change form.   Check out the plan transfer chart pdf.

If I was surcharged on my current plan, will that be removed on a new plan, being as the transfer is without Medical Underwriting?

No.(email dated 4.12.2012)

New Plan Options
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Serencsa Change Form


Maternity to be added to all policies 7.2012

Blue Cross Brochure on Exchanges

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OverviewSereneca v Blue Cross - Open Enrollment

Key Meat of the Stipulated Agreement
Settlement Serencsa
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Serencsa v Blue Cross - Guaranteed Open Enrollment

Full Stipulated Settlement
Sereneca v Blue Cross Stipulated Settlement


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