Hi Steve:
Good thing we’re starting early. I guess I still have questions.

***Right.  The deadline is 12.15.2016 for a January 1st effective date.

I’m looking online trying to find out if EPO or PPO is best.

***PPO has a wider network.   EPO is a cross between the two, but is more like an HMO in that you can’t go out of network except in an emergency.  Learn More ===> Blue Cross Provider Lists  *  FAQ on comparing grandfathered plan to current offerings

Or are they similar?

***Yes and no.  See above and also follow the links.

And what is MSP?

***Multi State Plan.  IMHO a meaningless word.

Also, I recently joined AARP because I was told you could get a better PPO Plan that way.

***Please, I believe nothing of what is told to me and only 1/2 of what I see in print.  Even less when it’s hearsay.  Someone saying what someone else said.   AARP does have a “PPO” Medi-Gap plan that does require membership.  Did our President tell us the correct information?  Would AARP have tax credits and be sold through Covered CA?

My website and quote engine show all of the plans authorized to sell in CA.

What information do you need on that or do I deal directly with Delta Dental

***Delta can be purchased through your Covered CA account, Dental For Everyone or Delta’s Website.   Learn more about Dental here and my opinion on it.

once I choose my medical plan?

***Just the selection of which plan you want.

I need to have a PPO flour


dental coverage (dentist and periodontist). I chose an HMO by mistake this time and have had to pay out of pocket because they would not let me change the option.

***IMHO it would be better to buy direct from Delta or Dental for Everyone.  Also when you have a problem, let me know right away.  Dental is NOT an essential benefit.  There is no reason you can’t buy anytime of the year!  Dental has Pre X clauses and waiting periods.  Thus, no need to wait for open enrollment.  On the other hand Covered CA says their options are better, maybe enforcing phony open enrollment rules keeps the loss ratio down?

I’ve still had to pay the premiums because they told me it’s connected to the Covered California options and if I don’t pay, it may cancel the entire coverage.

***I think they are full of crap.  This is why I rarely call anyone about anything important.  I do it all by email and check the law if necessary.

Do you have access to your Covered CA account?  Did you want me to resend your access code?

Appreciate your input.



On Nov 2, 2016 3:14 PM, wrote:

Thank you Steve. You’re awesome. I’ll talk it over with my husband this evening and email you tomorrow.

Grateful you’re there to help.


On Nov 2, 2016 2:36 PM, “Steve Shorr” <[email protected]> wrote:

Hi Steve:
I looked over the rates. I’m actually the only one that will be on the insurance. It wouldn’t let me change it to 1 only.

[***Steve’s Response] I’ve just sent you new quotes. 

My husband is on Medicare. I included him in the household income total.

[***Steve’s Response] That’s correct.   magi-modified-adjusted-gross-income-line-37/  

Also, I do need to include him in the dental coverage. Is that possible?

[***Steve’s Response] I believe so.   

Also, I am currently with ANTHEM SILVER 87 PPO, A        MULTI-STATE PLAN.
I’ve had good luck with this and would like to keep the same one.

[***Steve’s Response]

Blue Cross has cut way back on their PPO Offerings.   This shows the GROSS premium, before subsidies.


Sample Premium - Click here to see yours
Sample Premium – Click here to see yours

I may have to call you later today or tomorrow morning.

[***Steve’s Response] OK, but email is better.
Thanks again.

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