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Blue Shield Pharmacy Tools
Blue Shield Pharmacy Tools


2018 Standard drug formulary (Effective 1/1/2018)

Holistic alternative for erectile dysfunction to Viagra?

*For members in grandfathered IFPs, refer to the Plus drug formulary (PDF, 2.76MB)

Refer to this specialty drug list for specialty drugs that are obtainable only through a Blue Shield Network Specialty Pharmacy.

Refer to this preventive drug list to see drugs for which health reform requires coverage at $0 member share of cost.

Refer to this contraceptive drugs list to see drugs and devices covered at $0 member share of cost.

For eligible non-grandfathered plans, refer to this vaccine list for covered vaccines and to locate pharmacies available for vaccine administration.

Formulary - Table of Contents
Formulary – Table of Contents


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2 comments on “Pharmacy

  1. Did prescription coverage change for 2018?

    What is the difference between Platinum and Bronze Rx Benefits?

    I take 2 kinds of insulin. Last year, these cost me about $20 each per month.

    This year, one is $260 / month and the other is listed as “not in formulary” and my pharmacy says it is about $500/mo. .

    What can I do?

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