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Health Net has a collection of education videos that are short, simple and to the point. They’re packed with answers to the questions people ask most – about individual and family plan coverage in general and Health Net options in particular. Some topics also have companion handouts.

Renewing Your Health Coverage
(duration 3:15)How to renew coverage for 2018 with special reminders for members who enrolled through Covered California. Note: This video applies to members with a plan that will be available again in 2018. For anyone with a plan discontinued for 2018, they can explore options with their broker or by calling Health Net.

 5 Tips for Keeping Your Covered California Account Current (pdf)

Paying Less for Health Coverage (duration 1:28)

How to find out about qualifying for financial assistance.

 5 Things to Know – Get Financial Help (pdf)

The Right Fit
(duration 3:13)How to find the health coverage that fits your health and your budget.
What It Costs to Have Health Insurance
(duration 3:58)Understanding what you pay and when.
The Health Plan for You
(duration 2:56)The difference between HMOs, PPOs and more.

 5 Tips on Choosing the Right Health Coverage (pdf)

Who’s Who in Health Coverage and Care
(duration 2:38)Get to know the people working for the good of your health.
Staying Covered When Life Changes
(duration 1:20)How to keep your health coverage current in times of transition for you or your family.

 4 Events – Update Your Plan (pdf)

In-Network vs. Out-of-Network
(duration 3:15)Knowing the differences helps you choose health coverage.

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