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We are Blue Cross – Anthem ♦ Authorized Agents  Broker # GFKGQSJSRZ  and are happy to help you get covered in CA at no extra charge to you.  Blue Cross pays us to help you find their best plan that fits your needs.    Click here for some of the many benefits that an agent/broker can provide to the public.  Please note that Blue Cross Individual has pretty much withdrawn from CA.  

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Anthem Member Website - Tour and How to Register
Anthem Member Website – Tour and How to Register

Brochures & FAQ’s

2018 Information, Details & Brochures

On-exchange (standard) plan names:
Anthem + metal tier + actuarial value + product type (Example: Anthem Bronze 60 PPO)
Off-exchange (standard mirrored) plan names:
Anthem + metal tier + actuarial value + “D” (indicates may be purchased directly from Anthem) + product type (Example: Anthem Bronze 60 D PPO)
Off-exchange only (nonstandard/nonmirrored) plan names:
Anthem + metal tier + “Pathway” (to easily identify them as off-exchange only) + plan type + deductible and coinsurance values (Example: Anthem Bronze Pathway EPO 5000/25%)  2015 Producer Manual


SBC Summary of Benefits Explanation

fact sheet

Find YOUR Summary of Benefits – Be careful on selecting the search criteria

More Forms

Paper Application   Rev 1.2016  Los Angeles, Orange & San Diego  Email us for other Counties  – Paper Application Mandatory for SEP Insure Me

EPO Plans are now Tiered PPO Plans

The exclusive provider organization (EPO) is now a tiered preferred provider organization (PPO) plan.  If you are on a 2015 EPO plan you will be transitioned to a Tiered PPO plans effective 1/1/16 (unless you choose a different plan). While EPO plans offered in-network benefits only, the new Tiered PPO plans will offer both in-network and out-of-network benefits. That means you can have the flexibility of a PPO with the lower prices of a two-tier hospital network, plus out-of-network benefits. Of course, you pay less when you stay in the Blue Cross network. But if you need to, you have the flexibility to go out of the network.  Learn more about network options and definitions.

BlueCard® works for travel

PPO and Tiered PPO plans cover emergency treatment at any hospital, wherever you  travel within the U.S. — as well as non-emergency care when you visit participating BlueCard providers in the U.S. or abroad. You can see any provider you wish, but you’ll pay less out of pocket when you use BlueCard providers and hospitals.


Consumer Resources & Links

Here’s Provider Lists from ALL companies.

If you already are a Blue Cross Member  Use Change My aka My Anthem

 Blue Cross SERVICE Phone # (800) 333-0912   or  310.519.1335

Which Blue Cross Anthem Plans are  Grandfathered?

What are Multi State Plans?

Blue Cross Employer Group Plans

Blue Cross Wellness Programs

Specimen Platinum Policy with annotations and bookmarks  2014 

WellPoint, Inc. Code of Conduct

Rate Guide pdf 77 pages

Investor Information & Financial Strength



We’ve done these applications a couple of hundred times now. There is no charge for our service. Why bang your head?


Child Pages

Anthem Whole Health Connection

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