Eric is now at UC Merced – studying Chemical Engineering

He’s already published –  Raman

D & D

Archery Range Record

Chemistry Club



Navy Submarine School  Groton CT

Great  Lakes Recruit Training Center


Sunday 2/6/2005

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Eric Shorr
  Seaman Shorr, Eric S.Division A – 01 Ship 17


3301 Indiana St.

Great Lakes, IL 60088-3127

eric Eric - Anthony Legasca Party eric
Jeanne brandon

Riding with Private Malone – Country Western Song – We pray Eric comes home


12 Noon   Utro’s AT THE WHARF  – Berth #73   San Pedro, CA 90731 …Phone: 310-547-5022

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 2 PM Tour USS Lane Victory

Lane Victory

What is Nuclear School?   Will the Nuclear Power Program help Eric get a 4 year degree?
Modern Version of Loose Lips sink ships
 Rail Car Line Runs from Lane Victory to Port’s O’Call Station – Utro’s
The Super Bowl doesn’t start till 3 PM and you can come back to Utro’s to watch it….

U.S. Navy’s Nuclear Propulsion School