San Pedro Elks Sunday Morning Tennis Sign Up

San Pedro Elks Tennis

  • Sunday 8 AM for Tennis.
  • 10 AM Brunch
    • RSVP
    • How about we make this a “Walk On” Group
      • Just show up and
      • 5 – we’ll rotate on change over
      • 6 – two people play singles
      • 7 – 2nd court plays Australian
      • 8 – two courts with four each
    • If we are not “Walk On” RSVP closes Saturday 2 PM.   If you RSVP or show up unannounced after that, you buy coffee for everyone.
    • It’s not the organizers responsibility to email reminders.  Check the website Monday morning for the next Sunday.

RSVP Yes only, for Sunday July 3rd below:

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