Armed Forces Tax Guide
Armed Forces Tax Guide

Here’s what we have so far on taxes if you are in the military.

IRS has resources to help military personnel and veterans understand taxes

The IRS provides Tax Information for Members of the Military to help them meet their unique tax obligations. Here are some topics that affect current and former military personnel, along with resources where they can go to find more information.

Military status
A taxpayer’s military status affects their eligibility for certain benefits.

Combat zones
There are rules specific to those who are serving in a combat zone.

Overseas service
There are also special rules for people serving abroad.

Special situations
Active members of the Armed Forces might have questions about travel expenses, IRA contribution rules, and moving expenses.

Disabled veterans
There are resources available to disabled veterans to help them understand employment and retirement benefits. These resources help these veterans find out where to get free tax help. They can also find IRS forms and publications in formats accessible for people with disabilities.

Get free tax help
Most military installations offer free income tax assistance; contact your legal office for more information.  Veterans may also qualify for free tax help at locations nationwide if they meet income or age requirements.

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