Maybe a Nap would help?

The psychological manifestations of fatigue, sleep and hunger are similar, as adults, we sometimes confuse them. We tend to eat when we’re actually sleepy, because we think fatigue is a sign of hunger.” Sleep deprivation “the royal route to obesity… People who don’t sleep adequately have physiologic abnormalities that may increase appetite and calorie intake Sleep

Insomnia results in 11.3 days/year of lost productivity, people who monitored their smart phones for business after 9 PM were more tired and less engaged the next day at work,  people are being stretched to work unreasonable hours and it’s just not sustainable,  Los Angeles Times 8.9.2015

Insomina $63 billion drag on US Economy  LA Times 9.1.2011

Cognitive behavior therapy — offered online by insurers — is more effective than pills  LA Times 11.3.2008

Work emails are bad for your health LA Times 5.3.2012

Good sleep hygiene LA Times 3.13.2012

Napping on the Job

medical news Proper Sleep leads to better nutrition

Presenteeism – being somewhere (on the job) but not really there.

Kaiser on Sleep Management

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