Please start your research into Special Enrollment Periods by reviewing our main page of California Code of Regulations on Qualifying Events

Steve –

John Rxxx is still showing as my agent. See screen shot below taken 8:31pm 11/2

***For some reason the screen shot did not come through.  PLEASE, you’ve got to be patient with Covered CA and the process.   I told you I wasn’t able to make the change.  I’ve sent an email to Covered CA for help.  Please give them a day or two.

My income is still showing as $18,504. See screen shot below taken at 8:32pm 11/2

***Please, if you ask me to do something, let me do it and don’t be asking others the same question or attempt to do the same thing, when you have me working on it.  It just creates extra hassle!

Continue Change Report
Continue Change Report


Change Report - Monthly Income
Change Report – Monthly Income

Inside my Cover Ca Account, I am only being prompted to choose a plan for starting Jan 2017

***I’ve never really found Covered CA’s website to be truly intuitive.

I don’t see my “special enrollment” eligibility status anywhere inside my account so I can pick a plan for Dec 1

***Just tell me what plan you want and I’ll get it done for you.

Hopefully we can resolve this tomorrow.

***Please wait till I hear back on resolving the agent issue.  I would like to get the minimal commissions that the companies are providing under Guaranteed Issue Health Care Reform.

I am possibly interested

***Then PLEASE don’t do anything in your Covered CA account, till you know and then tell me and I’ll get it done.

in Silver 70 PPO by Blue Shield for $106.28/month

***I don’t know where you have $106 from.  At $23,550 you qualify for Silver 87.   Please note that $106 is hocus pocus, the premium is in the neighborhood of $300 per month.  The rest is subsidies and get resolved when your file your 1040 and 8962 Premium Tax Credit.

Please send a screen shot from our quote engine.

but I am having trouble finding my doctor (Dr. Laila C. Hanna, 1911 W Glenoaks Blvd B, Glendale, CA 91201)  under that plan for Individual 2016 (Dec).

***Did you ask your MD if he’s on the list?  Did you use the link in the Quote engine to the provider list?  Here’s information on using the Blue Shield provider finder on our website.   Blue Shield Provider Finder.

Find Doctors Link
Find Doctors Link

I found Dr. Hanna.  Click here to see the screen shot that she’s a provider.

I don’t understand some of the verbiage when choosing a plan (ex: 40% after deductible) – not sure how that works and few other uncertainties.

***See our page on deductibles, co-pay and oop out of pocket maximum.   Also, I prefer the INsurance Company summaries.  Here’s the one for Blue Shield Silver 87 PPO.  I’m also mandated to ask that you download 34 pages of disclosure.  Here’s the rest of the PPO Information for 2017.

I need to make sure Dr. Hanna is In-Network for the plan I select.

***See above

I need to understand some specific costs and financial burdens to expect for the plan I select.

***Please be more specific, review the links above and then let me know via email what your questions are.

Your continued help will be deeply appreciated.

I certainly can refer tons of people to you in return.

***Great, but please have them get a quote first and then email me.  The compensation structure under ObamaCare doesn’t allow me to explain over the phone all the details and in’s and outs of how things work.

Please note to, that if they qualify for Medi-Cal, I don’t get paid.  I can only do so much Pro-Bono work without going on Medi-Cal myself.

Thank you!



Hi Steve


Thanks a million again for taking the time to talk with me this morning. You helped me with my concerns, you were very professional and extremely knowledgeable. You set my mind at ease so thank you for that!

[***Steve’s Response] Thanks.  How about putting that in the comment section on my website?

I wanted to adjust my income in my CoverCA account and cant seem to edit anything.

Can you adjust the income to 23,250 for 2016?   My CoveredCA account is still showing my Income as $18504.

[***Steve’s Response] I thought I did that?

Screen Shot - Covered CA Process
Screen Shot – Covered CA Process
Plan Options after getting through change - update for Special Enrollment
Plan Options after getting through change – update for Special Enrollment

Will that adjustment still keep my Special Enrollment eligibility in tact so I can still go choose my plan?


What is the min. income change that triggers Special Enrollment?

[***Steve’s Response] Can’t really answer that question.  Look at the income chart and see what amounts take you from Silver 94 to either 87 or 73.  You can also play with the numbers on my quote engine.


Please let me know if you can make that change for me and if so, when is updated so I can go in and choose my plan for Dec 1, 2016 coverage to start?

[***Steve’s Response] I thought I did all that.  What plan do you want?


Please, if you have me working on something, do not do the same thing yourself or ask the Insurance Company or Covered CA the same question.


Thank you!



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MD Results from Provider Finder

MD Results - Blue Shield Provider Finder
MD Results – Blue Shield Provider Finder


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