What if I’m going out of Country and can’t afford to pay the premiums?

I am living abroad until start of September,

[***Steve’s Response] We might look at Travel policies, but they won’t meet the mandate penalty requirements.



 Nor would you meet the out of country exemption


My healthnet bill was over 700$ this month. Now I know why,

[***Steve’s Response] That number doesn’t jive with what I see in the Agent Portal, see exhibits # 5 – 7.   Please send me a copy of what you have. 

but I cannot afford to pay it until my first work check end of September.

[***Steve’s Response] If you don’t pay you get cancelled and you are SOL!!! 


Is that a monthly bill or the amount you owe for past months?   I show that even with $25k MAGI income, your premium would be $237/month Exhibit # 4.  See exhibits # 5 – 7 for what I show as HN Records.


As for my income, bc I am adjunct faculty ata college I never know my exact income semester to semester. When I first enrolled with healthnet I ballparked my annual income between 23 and 27,000.00 / year. We never said 16,000 bc that was too low

[***Steve’s Response] Somehow that is what Covered CA has in their portal.   Anyways, IMHO is all hocus pocus, smoke and mirrors until one does their taxes at the end of the year and everything is reconciled.   


I will resend your quote and subsidy estimate.  Please play with the estimated 2016  numbers and let’s see how they work. 

and I was told I could noy qualify for the insurance I wanted. My estimated income had to be higher.

[***Steve’s Response] One can use our quote engine to see where the medi-cal cut off is and enhanced silver levels quotit.net

Can you please let Healthnet know that I can pay off my balance starting end of September 2016.

[***Steve’s Response] No.  There is no way they will accept that.   You might try creating a Health Net member account and seeing what you can do there.  


Please let them know that Presently I am not working.

[***Steve’s Response] All of this is hocus pocus.   Please give me a number that you think you will have as MAGI income for 2016.   Line 37 plus…  see exact definition. 

I need a bottom line  estimated MAGI income for 2016!!! 

When you come back, we might be able to start all over as new to the area.  This is very technical…   special-enrollment-triggering-events/move-new-county/

Did you file 2015 taxes?  That’s a requirement to keep your subsidies.

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  1. What is the requirement when out of the country to be able to suspend health care payments –
    with a view to reinstating on return?

    • It’s rather strict. See our page on exemptions.

      Citizens living abroad and certain noncitizens—You were:

      A U.S. citizen or a resident alien who was physically present in a foreign country or countries for at least 330 full days during any period of 12 consecutive months;

      A U.S. citizen who was a bona fide resident of a foreign country or countries for an uninterrupted period that includes the entire tax year; IRS Form # 8965 Page 3

      What if you get sick in a foreign country… PPO coverage would probalby pay, right? What if you want to come home and be treated? How about foreign travel coverage?

      Check the Special Enrollment Rules when you return. Will you have coverage in the foreign country?

      Proposed Special stricter enrollment rules.

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