I’m hoping you can help answer my question. I;ve had coverage through CoveredCA since March and recently started a full time job (with full heath benefits).  I didn’t cancel through covered CA because i thought i could just stop making payments to HealthNet.  I’m still in the grace period, what do you advise?  I want to minimize my liability/ payments.

Would i owe HealthNet any money if i stop paying premiums?

***Probably.  More detail in specimen policy page 39  We may pursue collection action against You if you do not pay the pro-rated premium to us.

Would i owe Covered CA any money if i stop paying premiums?

***It might cause some confusion when you file your taxes. Form 8962


My employer plan kicked in Sep 30 so just asking for your advice what you think is best.  Covered CA can cancel effective dec 31.  Should i go ahead and cancel with that effective date or just ignore and have Healthnet cancel me for non-payment (last payment i sent was for Sep so I’ still in grace period).  I just don’t know who can come after me if anyone if i just don’t pay.

***Not that it would matter but if you cancel non-pay you can’t buy new insurance until open enrollment

Under Obamacare if your plicy cancel a non-pay is about the worst thing that one could possibly do

Go ahead and cancel covered California December 31

I’d still send a note to Health Net with proof that you have other coverage just in case it ever becomes important

People canceling non-pay is one reason the doctors won’t take covered California because even though you still have a ID card if you don’t pay the doctor doesnt get paid

Yeah it’s going to be a pain to get your coverage canceled because when you go to covered California you have to cancel 15 days in advance

If you go to Health Net I’d send them proof that you had other coverage and then they should cancel I do the best you can to cancel covered California because once you have employer coverage you’re no longer eligible

If you still can’t get through all that then I guess you’re going to have to call covered California and Healthnet get crazy wait on hold talk to people don’t know anything but as long as you can prove he had other coverage. You don’t know the money

I can’t do a whole lot for you as I’m not your agent and I certainly don’t want to run around and become your agent a policy that I’m not gonna get paid to help you with






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