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April 2020 Grandfathered Rate Change

Sample letters from Blue Cross

Grandfathered clients can change plans by:

  • Downgrading to another grandfathered Anthem Individual health plan if available
  • Choosing a new non-grandfathered ACA compliant Individual Health Plan during the Open Enrollment or a Special Enrollment Period (SEP)
  • Grandfathered members (CDI and DMHC) qualify for a SEP on their 2020 renewal. If they wish to change to an ACA plan due to this qualifying event:
    • They should select the non-calendar renewal qualifying event on the 2020 application
    • They may apply up to 60 days before or 60 days after the effective date of their rate change
    • They need to submit a copy of their grandfathered rate action/renewal notice as documentation of their qualifying event

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Alternate Grandfathered Plans?

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December 2019 Non Renewal of certain Plans

Blue Cross has  made the difficult decision to reduce the number of Individual health plans they will  offer in California for 2020.  At least though they are coming back to CA after pretty much leaving in 2018!

They will be discontinuing 7 grandfathered plans/contracts. This change will impact around 20,000 members.

Time is running out February 29th to get a Special Enrollment into a new plan!  

The following contract codes are affected

  • DN13
  • PE49
  • T160
  • Z161
  • Z162
  • Z163
  • Z164

To give grandfathered members that are impacted by this change plenty of time to plan for their coverage needs in 2020, Blue Cross will be notifying affected members at the end of June that their current plan will be discontinued on December 31, 2019.

Here is a sample of the Letter  you will receive.

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Downgrade Options

That is, if you have a plan that is being discontinued, you may be able to change to another grandfathered plan.  If you send us a copy of your ID card or your cancellation letter, we can go through the various downgrade charts and see how we can help you out.

Grandfathered Rate chart as of 4.2017

This might be something that we will be checking out in…  Here’s an excerpt of an email I just got from someone that had contacted me about getting new coverage, as they had received a cancellation notice:

Received an Anthem letter today saying my Individual PPO Share Plan (#1920) isn’t being discontinued after all and the original letter was sent in error.

On a private facebook page for agents, they are getting the same news.  Watch this page for the final answer – updates. Or check Dave Flukers site, he might be a few hours ahead of me, sometimes. dave

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12 comments on “Grandfathered Plans – April 2020

        • The sample letter telling you your grandfathered plan would not be renewed gives you these options:

          Use the Blue Cross link to get quotes or our quote engine to get quotes from ALL companies, including Covered CA with subsidies.

          Your confidential email address indicates you own a business. Click here for Employer Quotes.

          Sure, it’s tough that grandfathered plans are being terminated. President Obama was wrong when he said, if you like your insurance you can keep it. Covered CA did what they could to terminate all plans, forcing more people into Covered CA…

          In fact, I thought Grandfathering was over in 2014 when Blue Cross terminated 79 plans!

          As I recollect Health Net terminated all grandfathered plans in 2014!

    • All the written official information I’ve seen, says there is no option to get another grandfathered plan.

      However, there are some “secret” plans for those with “secret” plans now that may be able to transfer to another grandfathered plan.

      It doesn’t seem that Blue Cross wants to let the agents know. Also, it’s very difficult to change agents on grandfathered plans as the prior agent has to agree to being fired.

      So, if you want to see if you qualify and what the grandfathered options are, call Blue Cross Member Services direct. See the # on your ID card. email dated 10.29.2019

      • My husband has current anthem grandfathered plan, that will be terminated on 12-31-19.

        We do not qualify for Covered CA subsidies.

        I currently have an anthem grandfathered plan. We are only interested in an individual PPO plan.

        Can we possibly switch him to my plan instead of selecting am awful higher premium, and higher deductible plan ANTHEM BRONZE?

        • Please see the Rules and sign this form to appoint us as your agent and then we can help you.

          It’s difficult to change agents, as your prior agent has to agree to it. So, you can ask him for help.

          Also, while you can add your husband to your policy, he has to qualify medically!

          To have your husband go on another grandfathered plan, if that is possible, you need to call Blue Cross members services.

          Click here to get quotes on plans that President Obama promised would save $$$.

          You might also check out Health Savings Accounts.

  1. RE: Cancelled (grandfathered) Anthem Plan (#1920 PPO Share 550) & possibility of transferring into another closed (to new applicants) grandfathered plan not scheduled to be cancelled.

    According to the matrix you so generously provided I should be able to transfer into the following plans all of which are offered by Anthem Blue Cross and all are named “PPO Share”
    Plan # Deductible
    OOYA 8850
    O1LC 5900
    O1LA 4100
    OOYC 4100
    7891 2950
    7889 1750
    1393 1150

    Anthem told me some of then cancellation otices were sent out in error and they won’t give any info until one person manually sorts through them. I said I just wanted to know if the matrix is accurate should I need to replace my plan and the only thing she could offer was to have my agent call his broker’s Anthem phone # to determine if indeed a cancelled plan 1920 can transfer into the above-mentioned plans and if so, hopefully obtain plan descriptions as well. Thanks in advance Mr. Shorr.

    • This is what I got 12.6.2017 6:53 PM in reply to my inquiry to Blue Cross Broker Support

      The revised GF contract code list has not been finalized yet so we cannot provide downgrade options at this time.

      I’ll post the finalized information, when I get it.

        • Mr. Shorr,

          Please allow me to commend you on your phenomenal customer
          service. You really demonstrate the difference a competent, caring insr. agent can make.

          Dr. R.

          Broker Sales Support Case #: 0xxx

          Dear Mr. Shorr, Please be advised that contract code 1920 is not being discontinued. Thank you.

          Kind Regards,

          Deanna xxx| Agency Services Representative | Broker Sales Support

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