When your Long Term Care Policy pays a claim

are generally are not taxed as income

Long Term Care Benefits generally are not taxed as income  under IRC §104 (a) (3) (a) In general Except in the case of amounts attributable to (and not in excess of) deductions allowed under section 213 (relating to medical, etc., expenses) for any prior taxable year, gross income does not include

(3) amounts received through accident or health insurance (or through an arrangement having the effect of accident or health insurance) for personal injuries or sickness (other than amounts received by an employee, to the extent such amounts

(A) are attributable to contributions by the employer which were not includible in the gross income of the employee, or

(B) are paid by the employer);


Tax Deduction for Long Term Care

IRS Publication 502 Medical & Dental Expenses

Internal Revenue Code §7702 b  Long Term Care treated as Accident & Health, just like Section 106 * Bulletin 97-31

Graphic  tax incentives so that you might be able to deduct the premium

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