Best Value – Which Metal Level? Deductible?

i am on the Gold 80 [PPO]  vs   platinum  But the issue is the price.

In looking at the rates and coverage, do you agree that the BS 1850 PPO is the best option and coverage for the price.

***It’s something we have to discuss.  It’s all 80% loss ratio.  How are you defining best?  Please send a screen shot of the rates.  Our quote engine won’t have the accurate approved rates till for next year till just at or before Open Enrollment .  IMHO everything now is just SWAG (Scientific Wild Assumptions and Guesses).

Where are you getting the rates?

We get to keep all of the same doctors just have a deductible and office visits etc are more…Agree/disagree?

***Right.  On a major claim, the out of pocket maximum is virtually the exact same at just about $6,800.  How much of this premium are you writing off in your business either as Section 106 or self employed line 29?  Whereas, the difference in out of pocket is not deductible, unless you go over 10% of income?

The Bronze with HSA – Health Savings Account doesn’t really look that attractive, what’s your tax situation?

benefit gold-80-ppo 1850-ppo-1
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Rates from Early Renewal information from Blue Shield


Blue Shield Affliate Website for
Quotes and Instant Enrollment


I will look into Covered CA

***What is your estimated MAGI income for 2017?  I strongly suggest you wait till 11.1.2017 to shop around and get the subsidy calculations from our quote engine.

but i have heard only nightmares..Do not know if those rumors are true?

***Everything I know about Covered CA is on my website.  Use the search feature above.  What rumors are you talking about?  Unfortunately, Covered CA and Health Care Reform virtually control the entire Health Insurance Industry.  Thus, many of the negatives affect everything.  I do not deal in rumors, only verifiable facts.


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