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Temporary health insurance is a perfect solution for individuals needing insurance in the short term, whether they are uninsured, unemployed, self-employed or just need an affordable insurance product that fits their monthly budget. Compare plans and pricing, and find the best option.

IHC Temporary Plans  –  Get quotes & enroll

Instant Quote and Enrollment into IHC Temporary Plans - OPENS NEW WINDOW
Instant Quote and Enrollment into IHC Temporary Plans

If you are NOT subject to the ACA mandate, you can get a foreign travel policy.

We are concerned though with the limits of $1k/day in the hospital, as opposed to Reasonable & Customary or negotiated Rates.

Short Term Policies can be used when you are waiting for Open Enrollment into Obamacare and don’t qualify for Special Enrollment with a qualifying event,  Medicare, EmployER Group Insurance, Maximum 3 Months – can be renewed.

Learn More ===> CHCF 4.2018 article that I was interviewed, but not cited for  *  San Jose Mercury News 4.18.2014

Please note that these plans probably do not meet the 10 Essential Benefits requirements or MEC Minimum Essential Coverage  to avoid the mandate penalty.

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Petersen – Short Term * Brochure * Quotes, Details & ONLINE Enrollment

Unfortunately due to the political and regulatory climate, Petersen International Underwriters (PIU) will no longer be offering new STM enrollments after 2/28/2018. All new customers must enroll on or before 2/28/2018 with an effective date no later than 3/1/2018. Your agent link for the STM will no longer be active after 2/28/2018.

The better news is that in force policies will not be affected. Existing policy holders can continue to reapply for coverage up to 11 months in aggregate from the Retro Date (3 month maximum term per policy).

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Key Provisions & Caveats

Pre-Existing Conditions     generally     are NOT covered

If one selected a Bronze Plan… and now wants better benefits – Can they get a Temporary Plan to boost the benefits???

Learn more  ⇒ Dual Coverage – Co-Ordination of Benefits Web Page

Short Term plans might cause you to lose  HIPAA or COBRA benefits.

Comparing the costs of short term plans  – Insure Me

Coverage is limited to three months, Plans do not meet the requirements 10 essential benefits of the Health Care Reform mandate and you may be assessed the 2.5% penalty for the months that you didn’t have qualifying coverage.

HHS is also concerned about adverse selection, *  NAIC 16 page pdf. *  CMS Fact Sheet 6.8.2016  * Benefits *

Insubuy – Temporary Plans & Travel Plans  USA coverage available if you are NOT subject to ACA


Petersen Short Term Brochure
Petersen Short Term Brochure  Unfortunately due to the political and regulatory climate, Petersen International Underwriters (PIU) will no longer be offering new STM enrollments after 2/28/2018. Existing policy holders can continue to reapply for coverage up to 11 months in aggregate from the Retro Date (3 month maximum term per policy).


Trump Executive Order – Short Term Insurance


Trump Executive Order 10.12.2017
Proposed Rule 2.21.2018

Proposed Rule (view actual rule)  (Guide to Rule Making Process)   released —  The proposal would allow consumers to buy short-term insurance plans that last up to 12 months beginning in 2019, compared to a maximum of less than three months under current law.  The plans would not be subject to certain Affordable Care Act rules, including requirements that insurance plans must cover the 10 essential health benefits and pre-existing conditions.    Modern Health Care 2.20.2018  *  *

The order directs the Departments of the Treasury, Labor, and Health and Human Services to consider expanding coverage through low cost short-term limited duration insurance (STLDI).

o STLDI is not subject to costly Obamacare mandates and rules. One study found that on average STLDI costs one-third the price of the cheapest Obamacare plans.

o Despite its low cost, STLDI typically features broad provider networks and high coverage limits.

o The main groups who benefit from STLDI are people between jobs, people in counties with only a single insurer offering exchange plans, people with limited coverage networks, and people who missed the open enrollment period but still want insurance.  WhiteHouse.Gov  *


On the other hand

CA State Legislature has SB 910 Hernandez to ban Short Term Plans in totality!





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What happens if you missed Open Enrollment – don’t qualify for special enrollment – qualifying event, or are concerned about not being able to get coverage for SIX weeks, as you did not apply by the 15th of the month?

How about trying a Temporary plan, an International Plan or see if you qualify for a Special Enrollment?

Direct ONLINE Enrollment, Quotes & Information through our HCC Affiliate Link   Authorized Agent # 22024080

More documents from HCC  Their webpage on Temporary Plans – Do NOT enroll there, use our affliate link above.

Note that Mr. Mip below does qualify as minimum essential coverage and meets the mandate.

6 comments on “Short Term – Temporary Plans – To hold you to Open Enrollment if you don’t qualify for Special Enrollment

  1. I am wondering if you have recommended short term insurance for the people missed Covered CA open enrollment?

    or is there something else you could recomend for those people?

  2. Yesterday when I went to my doctor at Kaiser Permanente I was informed that my insurance had been cancelled. It was necessary that I see my doctor, so I agreed to pay $150 for the office visit. After which I went right over to member services. They confirmed my insurance had been called for a shorting of my premium for January of $36. I knew of the rate increase, when I paid on line it slipped my mind I paid the normal premium. I offered to pay the $36, but was told I had to call the sales department which I did, they informed me missed the open enrollment period, and they wouldn’t help me.

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