How to Select Steve Shorr Insurance as your Covered CA Certified Agent
to help you at NO Additional Charge!

NEW Procedure to change Agents

Just email [email protected] the  information below and we will submit to Covered CA


Covered CA agent of record


First Go to

Unfortunately,  it’s quite confusing to appoint an agent!  If all else fails, just send us [email protected] your user name & password and we will do it.  Our email coming and going is encrypted by

An agent delegation can only by completed by any of the following ways:

  1. If the member has access to their account dashboard they can log into their account and assign you as the agent of record.
  2. The member can contact the Member Service Center at 1-800-300-1506 and request to assign Steve Shorr as their agent of record.  Email from Covered CA dated June 20, 2019

17 Reasons to use Steve Shorr Insurance

How Consumers – Clients – Insured can Delegate us as their Broker


Consumers may delegate to an Agent at any point in the application process using the “Find Local Help” link after a consumer has created an account.

They can then search for Agents  based on location and language. Once they find the Agent of their preference, consumers can send their delegation request to the Agent or CEC. Covered CA Instructions Rev. April 2020  

Jump to  screen shots taken a few years ago.

Then, use Covered CA  instructions immediately below or ours below that.


If Covered CA’s instructions above or ours below are too complex  just email us [email protected]   your user name & password and we will do it.
You can also call Covered CA 1-800-787-6921 and they will do it.

Account Log in

Log into your account

Find this link In the upper right corner

Click on Find Agents


To find and appoint us, just put our name or zip code 90731

Check all 3 boxes so Covered CA knows that you understand your rights & benefits

Process has been completed and we can accept you as a client and start working for you

When you see this screen, everything has been completed.

We can go into our Covered CA Agent Portal and accept you as a client.


Error Message if you already have an agent

Error Message if you already have an agent

If all else fails  email your user name and password  [email protected]


Screen shots dated 9.26.2017

Click to enlarge    


Put in Steve Shorr – if my name doesn’t come up, set distance to ANY


This is how our information should look




Our info comes up

Click on Steve Shorr for more detail


Covered CA Certified Agent

Covered CA Certified Agent  
No extra charge for complementary assistance 

Videos on how great agents are

Enrolling in health plans has helped people focus on their families and careers, and feel protected against unexpected medical issues.

I'm in Charles VIDEO

I'm in Charles

I'm in Sonia VIDEO

I'm in Sonia


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6 comments on “Covered CA Agent Appointment Instructions

  1. What does it mean to appoint you as my agent so that you can help me with a MAJOR problem, in that I’ve been cancelled for non-payment of premium.

    Will I still be able to call Covered CA and access my account, anytime?

    Is an agent the SOLE representer on my behalf?

    • First off, it means we might be able to get the measly $50 renewal commission from Kaiser for doing maybe $500 worth of work, trying to get you reinstated when it’s alleged you didn’t pay your premiums, which is NOT allowed under ACA – Obamacare.

      Yes, you can still access your Covered CA account 24/7 and you can call Covered CA anytime. We do ask that you not duplicate efforts. That is, if you ask us to do something and we are working on it, that you not call Covered CA or Kaiser and ask them to do the same thing. Too many cooks spoil the soup.

      Have you seen our biography?

      10 reasons to use us, rather than Covered CA direct?

      Congressional Findings on the value of an agent?

  2. So I live with my sister and her fiancee. We all work and pay for our own things.

    Am I considered my own household?

    Or are we a three person household?

    Or how does that work

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