FAQ from Web Visitor on ACA – Obamacare & Tax Credits

1.  Open Enrollment – A friend of mine was telling me that I should sign my husband up for Obama Care

***What do you mean by “ObamaCare?”   Everything now is ObamaCare – Health Care Reform.  Do you mean getting subsidies with Covered CA, rather than just going direct to an Insurance Company?  With no extra charge for agent assistance.

What about your own coverage?

since I could put him on my payroll and he would qualify.

***Qualify for what?  Do you mean subsidies?  Just about anyone can buy medical coverage, during Open Enrollment and throughout the year if they qualify for special enrollment.  There are no longer any health questions asked nor pre-exisiting conditions exclusions.

Is he really working?  I can’t be involved in any shenanigans.

Do you have a group plan at work?

Section 106 Deduction?

Self Employed Line 29 Deduction?

 He is 60 years old and retired yet has no pension.

***If you want subsidies, the question is, what is your families expected MAGI Income?

What about Social Security at age 62, that might count towards MAGI.

 Can you give me some insight on that option since I’m trying to see the maximum I would have to pay for insurance.

***Rates for January will be on our quote engine November 1st.  Please check them out then.   If you want to check out the pdf rate chart, Blue Shield is on this page.   Note the expected 19% rate increase.

 If this is a possibility, please send me a link or tell me about the pros/cons.

***I’m not sure what you are asking.  Did you want subsidies as if you are earning less that 400% of Federal Poverty Level?

Do you have a grandfathered or Metal Level ObamaCare plan now?

2.  Referral – I gave your name and number to my sister since she was looking for a referral for her husband’s insurance.  Their names are [redacted]

***Thanks.  In the future though, please refer people to my website and quote engine.  That way, they have a better idea of how we can do business.

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