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      • We also offer a class on Sunday mornings from 930 to 11. All of these classes have a court with 3.5 level players.
      • Our workouts for adults have multiple courts since we do get different levels that are showing up so we have usually 2 to 3 coaches and 2 to 3 different levels you'll fit in somewhere into one of the courts.
      • We run around and hit a lot of balls play a lot of double points sweat and have a really good time together!
      • The cost of the class is $25 and I'm sure you will love it it is a drop in program so please feel free to come anytime you want or text me when you wanna come so I can alert the coaches to a new customer.
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#Coman vs Tie Breaker



Under USTA Los Angeles Rules… Is a tie breaker done Coman or “regular?”

Official National Rules USTA rules just rec’d from my USTA Captain


Rules from Los Angeles USTA

See page 24 of 190

The best of three sets with a 10-point match tiebreak in lieu of the third set will be used, unless a change is necessary due to unplayable conditions.

Page 41

the local tiebreak procedure shall be used to determine the winner of the team match. If no such local tiebreak procedure exists, Reg. 2.03H Procedures in the Event of a Tie shall be used in order to determine a winner of the team match.

Page 46

Coman Tiebreak Procedure: An alternative procedure that may be used with the Set Tiebreak or Match Tiebreak where ends are changed after the first point, then after every four points, and at the end of the Tiebreak. The scoring is the same as a traditional Set or Match Tiebreak. Beneficial in doubles as players continue to serve from
the same side as during the set. (See FRIEND AT COURT – Part 3: USTA Reg. I.E.(1)c.)

Match Sets & Scoring
match sets and scorning

10 Point Coman New England Easy Reference
Amazon Laws

10 point coman

Scoring Tie Break USTA Southern CA
scoring tie break


Here’s a simple solution…play better than your opponent…beat them before you need a tie break. Just this humble chair umpires opinion. 😂😂😂

Hello Team,

Below is a summary of local league rules. .

1. Scoring format for ALL Beach Cities Leagues shall be third set [Coman] Match Break . That’s mean in lieu of the third set, we play Match
Tiebreak: First player/ team to reach 10 points leading by 2 wins the match. No coaching, no new balls.
2. Match Time is DEFAULT time at any PUBLIC court facility.

Best regards,

***Problem is, this isn’t really a citation. The “local” rules don’t say they are Beach Cities League or even USTA!

Well I found the beach cities league website and the rules are there

What about these rules from New England USTA that state:

Coman Tiebreak Procedure

The Coman Tiebreak procedure is identical to the regular tiebreak procedure except that the players change ends after the first point and then after every four points until the conclusion of a tiebreak.

The Coman Tiebreak procedure is used for all tiebreaks played during a match.

That’s for New England, we are talking Nationally & Southern CA USTA. Note the League Reference Guide cited above says the 10 point Coman is only used in lieu of a 3rd Set

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      24 I Rules from Friend at Court
      24 i rules of tennis

      Code 19
      ball in play

      Definition Ball in Play
      definition ball in play

      Player loses point
      player loses point

      Each player or team has a maximum of one bounce after the ball has been hit by their opponent to return the ball over the net and within the boundaries of the court. When a player then fails to return the ball into the correct court, the opponent wins a point.

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