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  • Our scheduler above will automatically send you the  Zoom link to join us for the meeting. Which allows Screen Sharing – View everything we see on our computer!
  • If all else fails, email us [email protected], tell us what times are good for you and we’ll set it up.
  • Please be sure to put down three times that work for you.  This calendar doesn’t show my driving times… so a meeting might be set too close to a meeting I’m driving to.
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    • If you don’t Email us the time and dates convenient for you.

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Guaranteed Issue - No Pre X Clause - Quote & Subsidy Calculation - No charge for our complementary services - If not in CA click here for Nationwide Quotes

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  •  Why do I need to appoint you as my Covered CA agent first to get a NO CHARGE consultation?
    • I want to interview you first, ask questions, not just emails, view your website and feel like I’m dealing with a robot in online chat. I want to make sure that you can personally help me at the best price and service. Nor am I willing to pay you a broker fee on top of what the Insurance Company charges.
    • What qualifications do you have?
    • It’s just a simple phone call.
  • I’m glad you asked this question. I’ve been in this business since 1975. Way before ACA Obamacare, HMO’s, Trump Care and when there were decent commissions to compensate agents for their time and expertise.
    • I have degrees up the wazoo. Check my bio. I don’t show them off much as I’ve spent the years since I put up my website in 1999 and do most all my learning and research here. Check it out, wouldn’t you agree that it’s 2nd to none. If you do think another website explains something better than I, please put that link on the appropriate page in the comments/ask a question section.
    • With the near starvation commissions many agents are on Medi-Cal or Covered CA themselves! Learn more at
    • I’ve found that so many times, when people call on the phone, they ask questions that I simply cannot answer over the phone. First of all, the main thing I learned in my one year of law school was that one must read a statute or law 3 times and then when you think you understand it, read it again.
    • While Covered CA advertises FREE help, there is no free lunch. Covered CA does not pay me to help you unless I get appointed as the agent. Covered CA promised that they would have a drop down menu so one could appoint an agent. They also said they were looking into affiliate links for agents. Thus, I help a lot of people that simple go and enroll direct with Covered CA or the Insurance Company. I especially resent President Obama just telling the public to go direct and buy coverage. Didn’t he know what President Trump said, Insurance is very complicated.
    • We need your permission to view your Covered CA account. If you have coverage direct with an Insurance Company, when we have your permission, we can contact them on your behalf. Why guess, when we can get the REAL information? If you are not happy with our service, you can unappoint us. Covered CA has made it VERY difficult to appoint an agent, here’s instructions. We need to know upfront that you can do it. Afterwards, we’ve had too many people say they don’t know how. I guess they would rather wait on hold, then get verified answers with citations by sending us a 1 minute email.
    • Thus to stay in business and not go on Medi Cal myself, I’ve had to streamline and automate the system. We are happy to meet, phone, video conference, once all our ducks are in a row, so that we have a mutually productive meeting. I do not give if at all possible SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess) answers.
    • How am I to know over the phone for example if you might qualify for Cal COBRA when your COBRA expires. How do I know over the phone if you live in one of the few counties that Blue Cross writes in.
    • It’s complicated. I’m not fairly compensated. If someone hears the wrong answer, even though I gave them the correct answer and followed it up with an email, I’m threatened with extortion.
    • When you go to a doctors office or hospital, do you fill out an intake form, first? Do they check your prior medical records first? Does the nurse take your blood pressure and weight first?
    • The clients that we can help, are those who want straight verifiable answers and don’t like waiting on hold. We don’t like leaving you on hold at all.
    • I’m just not this quick to make policy determinations and interpretations. With so few documents in front of the Insurance Agent on TV King of Queens – how does he know?
  • Why do you need all my documents up front, before the meeting?
    • What about “Secure Email?”
    • Insurance is very complicated as President Trump said, see video clip above. Justice Felix Frankfurter said that you have to read a law 3 times. So, to be able to argue against a “stacked deck” I need to put all my ducks in a row first. That’s why, especially since you are trying to prove that you shouldn’t be cancelled for non pay and under ACA Obamacare that means you have to wait till Open Enrollment to get coverage, we want to make sure we have our evidence and arguments ready.
    • Did you see how complex it is to file an appeal?
    • Agent Commissions are very low under ACA. I’ll be lucky to get a $50 renewal commission with Kaiser.
    • If you don’t think regular email is “secret” enough, you can use the link above, which is HIPAA compliant.

Testimonials & Accolades

Thank you so much for your assist in navigating this complicated insurance process.

I feel so lucky to find you!

I would like to contact you if I have any questions in the future because you are the only one who can give me a clear answer in this field.

I really, really appreciate you. 🙏

Julie L 


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