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Employer Group Health Insurance

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Very User Friendly Employee Census Template!

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get your quotes, from all these companies, right now.

Template Instructions

Please note, there are a couple of pages in our online quote engine to compete, before you get to the census page.  Those pages just ask for Zip Code, Name of your Company and number of employees.  See below for importing an excel spreadsheet template or filling out a pdf template – census.

census format

Get an Instant Health Quote for your Employees – Company in CA

Instructions  to add #Dependents to ONLINE census

dependent census form

  • We also have a secure form that you can send to each employee and have them  complete their dependent information, as ACA requires more information on dependents than before. 
    • This form will then give you the information on an excel spreadsheet or we can load it right into our quote engine for you. 
  • Learn more about ACA & Zip Code Rating Areas in California 

#Fillable Employee Census PDF 

Here’s a Fillable pdf Employee Census form   for those who have trouble filling out the ONLINE form or Excel Census.

Don’t worry that the census form says Kaiser, we will enter your information into our quote engine and get you quotes from ALL companies, with the census information.  Just  Email us the completed census or use our secure upload.  Be sure to give us the dependent information. You don’t have to contribute towards the dependent premium.   If you need more space, just attach a separate sheet of paper.

VIDEO explanation on how to complete this form.

census fillable pdf

#Excel Employee Health Insurance Census Form 

If you don’t want to or can’t enter your census online, for an INSTANT Quote, just download our  Excel Spreadsheet Template– with the same information or  Fillable pdf then you can securely  email  or upload using our HIPAA Compliant Paubox system.  You can also upload directly to our quote engine with https encryption

You will have your quotes & benefits within three business hours, if you send us the census or instantly if you upload or enter into our quote engine.

Excel Census Form 
If you’re going to upload to Quotit (Our Quote Engine) or email [email protected] to us

Click to download - or enter census at link above

Sample Screen Shots to import your excel census

How to import from Excel

How to import your census to our Quote Engine

Where to import census

#Broker of Record Letter

Employer Group Health Plans


We can be your Broker – Servicing Agent and here’s over a dozens why it’s beneficial for you   on an existing policy – coverage, if you simply write to the Insurance Company and ask them.

Just put the  letter  below  or this one, on your letterhead and email to us, [email protected].  We will do the rest.


Your Letterhead

Today’s Date:

To:  Name of Insurance Company

Subject:  Change of Broker

Policy #



We would like to have Steve Shorr CA DOI License #0596610 as our broker on this policy.

We understand that the rates, benefits, policy terms and renewal provisions will remain the same.



Your Name


cc:  Steve Shorr

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  1. My employer won’t get us a group health plan.
    Can we get individual Quotes?
    Would they include Covered CA subsidies?

  2. I have BIG problems with my current Insurance Company and broker. I’m cancelled and want coverage reinstated. It’s not happening.

    What are my options?

    Can I simply go out and obtain new coverage elsewhere?

    Any suggestions?

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