Steve Shorr
Our Founder & CEO’s Biography


Steve Shorr’s  (double “r”, not Shore, or Schorr)  grew  up in an Insurance family.  His Father & Grandfather owned Shorr Agency where Steve spent  his first four years in the business.  His younger brother Tim is now CEO.  Steve then worked for   several large National Brokers, before starting his own agency, Steve Shorr Insurance.    

Steve believes that President Obama as Commander In Chief, has called him up to help with Health Care Reform, at NO additional charge to his clients and maintain probably the most informative California Website on Health Care Reform.  The draft board only gave him   2-s student deferment * view draft registration shortly * to obtain his BS in Insurance so that he could serve his country, with more education at a later time, NOW!  Too bad President’s Trump and Obama didn’t ask Steve if Insurance was complicated.  See video.

Steve’s  Educational background, includes:

More background

Steve’s Educational Diploma’s
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Steve Shorr and Ted Turner

June 2014 – Click to enlarge Los Angeles Times Circa 1976 Ted Turner Look Alike Circa 2005 – Beverly Hills Hotel

Steve Shorr bio picture

Steve Shorr Circa 10.2012

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