Steve & Eric Shorr
Steve & Eric

Shorr Web Design

was originally  conceived in January 1987 when Steve bought his first home/business PC a speeding 4 megahertz computer with a 20 megabyte hard drive and Eric was born a week later.  Those were the days when a hard drive was the 405 freeway, and Windows were something you had to wash.

Steve proceeded to format the “C” drive, since that’s what the instructions said and then watched in horror as his dealer and friend Mike Roth, had a “heart attack.”    Eric was  born with a “Silver Mouse” in his hand as opposed to others who may have been born with a “Silver spoon in their mouth.”  Until  age 9, whenever the topic of computer repair came in Eric would say in an authoritative voice – Format your “C”: drive.

April 1998, Steve built his 1st website for Steve Shorr Insurance the program was very simple and it was true to it’s advertising of being able to get a website up in 5 minutes.  Since then, their  Web Design clients have asked for more sophistication and Steve and Eric deliver it. up…

In 2003 Eric became independent and operates his own business – Nameless Web Design, now Shorr Technology,  Pop Gun Apps    Linked In      Ramen

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