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Covered CA 2024

  • You’ve come to the right website to  enroll in Individual & Family Plans with  Guaranteed Enrollment and  no-Pre-existing Conditions, including coverage for COVID – Corona Virus  directly with an Insurance Company or get tax subsidies in  Covered California.
  • You get our expertise at no extra charge – we are paid by the Insurance Companies to help you.   
  • We are in the constant process of updating our website.   Like us on Facebook for notifications. The rules, Supreme Court decisions, Presidential actions can change things almost daily.  For example, there are no more short term plans in CA   SB 910 Hernandez 2018§10123.61. LA times KFF News July 2023
  • Unfortunately, Health Insurance doesn’t cover everything.  You might also want to check out our disability page to recover your lost wages.  Your own disability policy pays in addition to SDI State Disability Insurance.  If G-d forbid, that you don’t recover you might want to check out our Life Insurance page to protect your loved ones and give them the financial security they deserve.
  • All plans under ACA – Obamacare are guaranteed renewable (Insurance Code §10273.6) and they have contractual guarantees* not to single you out for a rate increase or cancellation,  even if you have too many claims like cancer, aids or heart trouble or other sickness or illness.   
  • FAQ’s are on virtually every page of our website.  That would be the best place to ask or view other website visitors questions.


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All our plans are Guaranteed Issue with No Pre X Clause
Quote & Subsidy #Calculation
There is No charge for our complementary services

Guaranteed Issue - No Pre X Clause - Quote & Subsidy Calculation - No charge for our complementary services - If not in CA click here for Nationwide Quotes

Watch our 10 minute VIDEO
that explains everything about getting a quote

Full detailed explanation of how to use our quote engine video

Covered CA
How to use your plan

White House Address
Time to sign up
Done in 2015 but the principles are the same

Biden Introduction to ACA Health Care Reform

Covered CA Certified Agent

#Covered CA Certified Agent  

No extra charge for complementary assistance 

I'm in Sonia


CHCF California Health Policy Survey 

chcf California health policy survey

  • 1/2 of California's skipped health care in the past year, due to cost
  • 1/4 themselves or knew someone who had problems paying a bill
  • 1/5 had someone close to them experience homelessness
  • 1/2 have used telehealth - phone or video 
  • 6 in 10 think there is racial or ethnic disparity

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