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We are Aetna Group Health Plan Authorized Agents and are happy to help you get  coverage at no extra charge to you. Aetna compensates us to help you.

SBC – Summary of Benefits

CA Toolkit Rev 1.2020  Listing of all available plans.  See button below to get quotes.

Section 125  POP plan =  employee’s contributions are Tax Deductible.

Cost of Health Care – Member Payment Estimator

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Aetna #Network & Plan Definitions

Network Plan Options

Network Plan Options

Plan Definitions – Aetna Brochure Page 12 Aetna Provider Finder? 

Employer #Administrative Tools

Health Care Tools & Apps

CA Tools




Learn about plan features, member tools, enrollment, and value-add programs.
Employer Applications Use form for employer’s medical coverage selections
Employee Enrollment Forms Order via: 1-877-249-2472 or Order via: Aetna Answer Team 1-800-343-6101 (representatives are available 8 am – 5 pm PST) Use form to enroll an employee and their family.* This form should be used for all New Hires, changes and terms. It should be the standard enrollment form utilized for all transactions except regular Plan Changes during renewal. Completed forms can be emailed to: [email protected]   Sales Contact Tools
Evidence of Insurability Employee must complete this form for approval of Life Insurance Elections over the Guaranteed Issue Amount which is $20,000 for groups 2-9 employees, $75,000 for groups 10-25 employees and $100,000 for groups 26-50; or Late Enrollee for Life and/or Disability – an individual enrolling more than 31 days from the date first eligible is considered a late enrollee.
ER Verification Form Use to update # of eligible employees in an established group
eList tool The eList Tool is a macro-enabled replacement of the eList template. This tool is to be used for New Business/Renewal submissions with 2-100 eligible employees. New versions are available at different times so always download a new tool for each case.
Automated Clearing House New Business Request For groups to complete to have their first month’s premium released via EFT. For new business only
Full-time Equivalent Certification Use this form for the employer to provide the number of full-time equivalent employees
Attestation Open Enrollment – complete this form for new business groups enrolling during open enrollment – 11/15 to 12/15 for a 1/1 effective date.
  • Aetna Vision Preferred Enrollment/Change Form
  • Aetna Vision Preferred Enrollment/Change Form Spanish
This standalone form can be used for vision only but if you have multiple products with Aetna, use the multiproduct form when available. Completed form can be emailed to: [email protected]
Consumer Directed Products
Aetna HealthFund® One-to-One Powered by PayFlex® Aetna Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Premium Only Plans (POP) & Aetna HealthFund Health Reimbursement Arrangement for Small Group (HRA) Website to be used for all pre-sale, enrollment and ongoing administration materials and forms.
Claims/Reimbursement Forms
Claims/Reimbursement Forms  

SBC Summary of Benefits Search — Renewal ProceduresRenewal Procedures



Top 5 - 10 causes of Long Term Disability Claims 

Lower back disorders  ♦   Depression  ♦ Coronary heart disease, arthritis and pulmonary diseases  (Met Life♦  Disability Can Happen    CDC Statistics

Top 5 causes of Disabilty

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