What if a breadwinner, business owner, individual
or an employee can’t work, because of an accident or health problem? 

What plans to you have to pay the bills?

How long can you go without a paycheck?

A Disability Insurance Policy  can provide you with up to 1/2 of your regular paycheck or business earnings.  Social Security Disability and SDI might not be enough or work for you.  Having coverage is very important as  1/2 of all bankruptcies involve medical issues

Coverage up to 50% of earnings should come close to being equal to your current income, as you don’t have the expenses of going to work and lower taxes. One in Four of today’s 20 year olds will become disabled before age 67 and the length of time one is disabled is getting longer too. Standard Flyer *

The benefits are usually Income Tax free and of course, the Insurance Company wants to encourage you to go back to work, so they don’t want you to make too much by not working.

Take a look at the videos and brochures on this page,

Disability can Happen.org  *  Blog   * 

Where did your paycheck go – living confidently.com/protect-your-paycheck  learn more about disability.

5 myths of pay check protection?  

and our FAQ page to learn more.

Medical coverage under Health Care Reform only pays for 10 essential benefits, not lost income.

MetLife  Brochure – Will your coverage be enough?

Met Life Income Guard Brochure

Group and Employer Disability Paycheck Protection

Reasons to get Disability Coverage for your employees

  • Around 90 percent of all workers consider their ability to earn an income as their most important financial resource.
  • Increased benefit choices can increase employee loyalty to the employer.
  • Around 75 percent of employees consider benefits extremely important.
  • Around 80 percent of employees say benefits provide peace of mind.

Barry Shore – no relation – Real Estate Executive

Barry Shore, a 55-year-old real estate executive, was enjoying a normal life when a rare neurological disorder struck suddenly, causing him to lose all movement in his body.

Throughout his ordeal, money is one thing Barry and his family haven’t worried about thanks to smart insurance planning. Disability insurance payments have replaced more than half of Barry’s income. And long-term care insurance has provided more than enough to pay for in-home care as well as physical, occupational and water therapy.

Barry Shore - no relation on DI




Definition Total Disability – VIDEO

Own Occupation…

Disability Income Video's

Joe Inger 

Charcot Disease

He had DI coverage


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Monica Soltes story VIDEO as she did NOT have Disability Coverage 

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  1. How would you pay your mortgage, bills, food if you were not able to work?

    What medications do you take?

    What conditions are you monitoring?

    What is your most valuable asset?

  2. Is your risk protection package coverage up to date?

    How many units of protection do you need?

    Planning vs Policy

    OK, to say No… Rejection

    Goals, desire, action

    What you think about, is what will happen?

    Pandemic creates opportunity.

    Emotion vs Logic & Reason

    wealth replacement strategy

  3. Good Question –

    Here is an example of a proof of claim provision from a Long-Term disability insurance policy:

    What Information Is Needed as Proof of Your Claim?

    The appropriate documentation of your monthly earnings

    The extent of your disability, including restrictions and limitations preventing you from performing your regular occupation or gainful occupation

    “proof of claim” provisions, sometimes called “proof of loss” provisions, also vary depending on the type of policy. Here, because this is from a Long-Term disability insurance policy, the insurance company is seeking information regarding the claimant’s disability, restrictions and limitations, occupation and earnings.

    A failure to comply with the proof of claim provision gives the insurance company an easy reason to deny an otherwise payable claim.

    In the vast majority of cases, the reason that an insurer denies a claim for long-term disability or short-term disability benefits is because of a determination that the medical evidence does not support the claimant’s assertion that he or she is unable to return to the workforce to perform the substantial and material duties of his or her occupation.https://www.mslawllp.com/faqs/disability-insurance-faqs/

  4. Here’s our webpage on California State Disability Insurance.

    We are not sure of your question about medical benefits? Do you mean group health coverage from your employer? See also this health coverage guide.

    COBRA – when your job ends, guarantees coverage for 18 months. However, the premiums are your responsibility. Get quotes for Individual coverage in CA. ACA/Health Care Reform provides for guaranteed issue, no pre-x clause coverage. You don’t have to wait for Open Enrollment, there is special enrollment when you lose employer coverage. If not in CA, try this NAHU National Assoc of Health Underwriters find a broker tool.

    SHRM on when health insurance benefits terminate for a leave of absence.

    Here’s more information on Short Term vs Long Term Disability Coverage.

  5. I’m presently on STD Short Term Disability. I may have to utilize my LTD Long Term Disability benefit if I don’t improve.

    My biggest question is “what will happen to my medical benefits on LTD. I’m with Lincoln.

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