Social Security disability program SSDI

The  Social Security disability program SSDI  for an average family is equivalent to a private disability insurance policy worth over $233,000.  Social Security pays benefits to people who cannot work because they have a medical condition that is expected to last at least one year or result in death. ( #10029)

Once you have received Disability benefits for two years you will automatically be covered under Medicare  Parts A & B # 10029 * (there is a $148 premium for Part B – If you are low income there may be ways to get that paid for you) and we can then help you enroll in a

Medicare Advantage Plan (NO PREMIUM!), Part D Rx and Medicare Supplemental Medi-Gap Plans.

be sure to contact us RIGHT away, as there are deadlines!

Caretakers & Parents

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Top 5 - 10 causes of Long Term Disability Claims 

Lower back disorders  ♦   Depression  ♦ Coronary heart disease, arthritis and pulmonary diseases  (Met Life♦  Disability Can Happen    CDC Statistics

Top 5 causes of Disabilty

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#Attorney  's that can help you through the Social Security Disability maze

6 Steps to apply for Social Security #Disability

Disability Publications, Resources & Links

Understanding Supplemental Security Income SSI For Children– 2019 Edition

Western Poverty Law Center – Coverage for Low Income California’s DAC Program Page 84 – Non Magi Medi-Cal 3.71

Our webpage on SSI & Medi Cal 

ObamaCare – Mental Health – One of 10 Essential Benefits

New Jersey 2 page explanation Section 1634

Social Security Disability Planner: Benefits for A Disabled Child

Social Security Publications relating to Disability, SSI, SSDI

What you need to know to get Social Secuirty Disabiltiy Benefits # 10153

Disability Benefits # 10029

Reviewing your Disability Publication # 10068

How Social Security decides if you are still disabled # 10053

Check list for what’s needed on the application 001

Appeals Process 10041

Medicare # 10043

Supplemental Security Income # 11125

CA State Supplementary Payment (SSI/SSP) 

Benefits for Children with Disabilities #10026

Benefits for Children # 10085

How to get a benefit verification letter # 10552

The Red Book – Employment Support for SSDI and SSI

Working while disabled 10095

Ticket to Work Program

How International Agreements can help you # 10180

Social Security for Foreign Governments # 10566

MORE Social Security Publications on their website

National Center on Law & Elder Rights


  1. What must I do to Qualify?
    1. Must be total & permanent disability
  2. What is Social Security’s eligibility process
  3. Where is Social Security’s home page for disability
  4. Can I get a Disability “Starter Kit?
  5. Tell me more about the Ticket to Work Program which gives you more choice in obtaining the services one needs to be able to go back to work and achieve your employment goals.
  6. Where can I get more disability information?
  7. Can I get an estimate of my retirement benefits? Sample Calculation
  1. Disability Benefits


Medicare Coverage

Social Security disability

Nolo's Guide to Social Security Disability

Nolo’s Guide to Social Security Disability  

We do have a reference copy in our office

9 comments on “Social Security Disability – SSDI

  1. Social security & workers comp

    I need help with my social security benefits, I have been receiving SS [SSDI?] for over 10 yrs now but only receive $765.00 and $1 for each child, something has to be wrong.

    I was a nurse back in 2007 got injured on the job in 2008…

    I also need help with my workers comp claim which has been in effect since 2008 but I’ve received nothing from them since please help me in any way you can,

    Thank you
    Miss T

  2. I’m 66 on sick leave and not retired yet.

    Can I qualify for SSDI.

    I don’t want to start regular Social Security until I’m 67 in February 2020

  3. Due to a disabling work accident, I retired at age 60 in 2015 and started receiving Social Security Disability benefits.

    I thought the MPIPHP pension/health plan included a prescription plan, making Medicare Part D unnecessary.

    However, my most recent SSDI 1099 indicates $403 was deducted for Part D. Before I spend a few days on hold with SSI, can you please set me straight?

  4. I am “Retired with Disability” from CalStrs

    I also have enough quarters in to get some social security.

    Since I am disabled, can I get SSDI and then Medicare insurance?

    I am 58-yrs old.

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