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We are sorry.   We had to cut back on the massive number of Medi Cal webpages we were maintaining for Medi Cal, as we are not authorized Medi Cal brokers nor do we get any compensation for our time, research or website costs.

Please review the contact links below, general & technical information on Medi Cal, other pages on our website,  Medi Cal Webpages current and archived (our most popular webpage, even more so than the ones for companies we are appointed for was how to fill out Medi-Cal redetermination forms) and direct your questions to the Medi Cal HMO’s or Medi Cal personnel that do get the support and compensation to help you.

If you do want our expertise and not wait on endless hold, we do tutoring, research and education for a fee.


Medi Cal Contact Information

#Email  Addresses & Phone #'s: 



  • Ombudsman Webpage
    • Phone: 1-888-452-8609
    • Email:   [email protected] 
      • The Office of Ombudsman cannot approve/terminate/reinstate Medi-Cal eligibility; alter aid codes, change/update addresses, change/update name or initiate inter-county transfers.

Complex Questions Assistance

Medi-Cal for All Children program 

SB 75 Eligibility and [email protected]

Medi Cal - #County Office Lookup

See our Main Webpage on Medi Cal contact information

ONLINE Enrollment in Medi-Cal
How to VIDEO

benefits Cal


#BenefitsCal is a one-stop-shop to apply for...

Medi-Cal Managed Care HMO – Health Care Options 

#Pick your Plan

Here you can review and choose the HMO that you want to deliver your Medi-Cal health Care.

Medi Cal Provider HMO Selection Website

learn choose enroll medi cal plans

Learn more:

Insurance Agents pretty much can’t help you with Medi Cal

Excerpt of email from DHCA

Thank you for contacting the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS).

We are prohibited by law from sharing Protected Health Information (PHI), and Personal Confidential Information (PCI).

Please refer the consumer to the Medi-Cal Now In-Box at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist them with any Medi-Cal issues they may have.

Protected Health Information (PHI) is individually identifiable health information that describes the past, present, or future physical or mental health or the condition of an individual. PHI includes information about the health care services an individual has received or will receive and information about payment for health care services provided in the past, present, or future. Personal confidential information (PCI) is information that is not public which identifies or describes an individual including names, home addresses, home telephone numbers, Social Security Numbers, medical or employment histories, personnel records, licensing records or workers’ compensation. Thank you for allowing DHCS to serve you.  Email dated 6.5.2017  10:43 AM   

Try Covered CA’s Facebook Page


Dental For #Everyone,
has an excellent  website with full brochures, Instant online quoting and enrollment

Dental for everyone free quote

VSP Vision Enroll ONLINE

All our plans are Guaranteed Issue with No Pre X Clause
Quote & Subsidy #Calculation
There is No charge for our complementary services

Guaranteed Issue - No Pre X Clause - Quote & Subsidy Calculation - No charge for our complementary services - If not in CA click here for Nationwide Quotes

Watch our 10 minute VIDEO
that explains everything about getting a quote

Full detailed explanation of how to use our quote engine video

#My Medi-Cal 
How to get the Health Care
You Need

24 pages

Smart Phones - try turning sideways to view pdf better
My medi cal explanation of medi cal

Call Blue Cross Direct - They don't pay me to help you with Medi-Cal
Call Blue Cross Direct - They don't pay me to help you with Medi-Cal Call Blue Cross Direct - Medi-Cal's Website - Contact Page, including secure email to ask a question

5 comments on “Contact Info – Complex Questions – Reference Materials Medi-Cal


    Message we got though Facebook from a Medi Cal employee

    I’ve seen your replies on the dhcs medi-cal posts…just wanted to say thanks and they’re greatly appreciated…

    I also checked out your website and love all the resources!!!


    A medi-cal managed care ombudsman, hahahahaha

    Btw, what I love most is the part where you say we CANNOT approve/terminate/reinstate Medi-Cal eligibility; alter aid codes, change/update addresses, change/update name or initiate inter-county transfers…

    I wish OUR website made that clear! Seems half of our beneficiary’s demand we do that…and expedite it


    ​California Advancing and​ Innovating Medi-Cal (CalAIM) is a long-term commitment to transform and strengthen Medi-Cal, offering Californians a more equitable, coordinated​, and person-centered approach to maximizing their health and life trajectory.​​​​

    Goals of C​alAIM​
    1. Identify and manage comprehensive needs through whole person care approaches and social drivers of health.

    2. Improve quality outcomes, reduce health disparities, and transform the delivery system through value‑based initiatives, modernization, and payment reform.

    3. Make Medi-Cal a more consistent and seamless system for enrollees to navigate by reducing complexity and increasing flexibility.

  3. FAQ’s from a consolidated page 

    1. Gwendolyn L says:
      • If you did not receive your BIC Benefits Identification Card or it is lost or stolen, you may ask for a BIC from your county social services office.If your BIC is stolen, you must tell your​ local police and your county social services office. You should give as much information about the theft as possible. If you are issued a new card, your old card will no longer be valid.

        Please contact your local county office.​ Source

        See above for San Diego County

        You can request a benefit replacement card through or through an automated system at 888-472-4463. *

        Are you in a Medi Cal HMO? Try contacting your Insurance Company for a new ID card.

    2. Anonymous says:
      We’ve been trying all morning to call the county office but they don’t take calls. Do you have any suggestions?
      • See the contact email and fax # I just added at the top of this page



    1. Harry M says:
      Hello, my name is Harry M and my wife is Mary.we need to know HOW? she got on medi-cal as our Kaiser plan now says she has it. and we know she never applied. and if she does have it, why do we NOT have her card?

      she will not be able to get all of her med’s until this is cleared up.

      she will need them soon!
      Our home # is 510 274 xxx; her cell is 510 432 xxxx.

      • My guess would be that you were on Covered CA getting subsidies and then Medi-Cal decided that you didn’t have enough income to stay there and put you in Medi-Cal. See income chart.See our webpage on how Medi Cal reviews Covered CA and brings in enrollment.

    2. Al R says:
      I’m 75 and my wife is 93. We both have health problems and dementia.We need Medi-cal to help us pay for Health bills.

      Our income is about $22 k.

      Please email because I don’t hear well.

      I need to have an appointment with a person for help on paper work.. They gave me a worker named S. Ancheta and I can’ t get her on the phone. Have her email me

      I cant deal with all the phone recordings. Our land line is xxxx ask for AL Rodes.

      My wife gets confused.


    S Plien says:
    If a person has individual PPO with no deductible, are copay pharmacy benefits covered in entirety with Medi Cal that is not share of cost form (but rather below poverty).If a medication is 15 dollar PPO copay, for instance, does medi cal cover that entire 15?

    How does insurance know that it is covering pharmacy with Medi Cal.

    Is it solely pharmacy that must bill correctly?

    • We’ve responded to similar questions at these places on our website.Anthem Blue Cross PPO & Kaiser Medi-Cal

      Will Medi Cal cover deductible from Employer Group Plan?

      Rx Medi Cal & Private Coverage

      Please review and if you still have any questions, please ask in the spot most relevant.


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