The IHSS Program will help pay for services provided to you so that you can remain safely in your own home.

To be eligible, you must be over 65 years of age, or disabled, or blind.  Get more detail on IHSS  website for eligibility.  Disabled children are also potentially eligible for IHSS.  Our webpage on Share of Cost – Medically Needy. If you have too much income…

IHSS is considered an alternative to out-of-home care, such as nursing homes or board and care facilities.

The types of services which can be authorized through IHSS are

ARPA  COVID Stimulus March 2021

The Home and Community-Based Alternatives (HCBA) Waiver allows Medi-Cal beneficiaries with high-level care needs to continue to live at home or in the community by identifying and ensuring they receive services that will sustain their health and safety outside of an institution.  Learn More 

IHSS & Share of Cost

Medi Cal if income is too high, but assets are low.

ihss & share of cost

Our webpage on Share of Cost

InsuBuy International Medical Coverage –
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Travel Policies

Coverage for Travel - $50k Emergency under Medicare Medi Gap or MAPD Advantage may not be enough!

Links  & Resources

LA County IHSS

Is the income to the caregiver taxable? ihss-wage-rates

In Home Supportive Services

IHSS Recipients:

IHSS Training/Information –
Fact Sheets
Educational Videos

IHSS Providers:

How to Become an IHSS Provider
How to Appeal if You are Denied
IHSS Provider Resources

IHSS Timesheet Issues/Questions:

IHSS Service Desk for Providers & Recipients, (866) 376-7066

Suspect Fraud?

IHSS Fraud Hotline: 888-717-8302
Help Stop Medi-Cal Fraud and Abuse
Provider Fraud and Elder Abuse complaint line:

Get Services APS
County APS Offices
Get Services CAPI

Our main web page on Long Term Care

Caretakers & Parents

Get a term life quote here, to protect your loved one

Get FREE #Instant Individual & Family  California  Quotes - Including Tax Subsidy Calculation - Guaranteed Issue - No Pre-X Claus

Get FREE Instant Quotes - Including Tax Subsidy Calculation - Guaranteed Issue - No Pre-X Clause

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how to get quote - full instructions video by steve

SSI #Resources & Income Limits


The Aged & Disabled  Medi-Cal program uses SSI countable income rules  as well as a few extra rules you should know. For more information, visit or webpage on the  SSI program, the Medi-Cal section of the Disability Benefits 101 websiteCA Health Care Advocates Archive

Countable resources are the things you own that count toward the resource limit. Many things you own do not count.

  1. Have less than $2,000 in Countable assets for an individual ($3,000 for a couple).
    1. Medi-Cal property limitations.
    2.  asset questionnaire
    3. CANHR simpler list
    4. CANHR Fact Sheet
    5. Understanding Medi-Cal’s Asset Test for Seniors and People With Disabilities
    6. Western Poverty Law 
    7. Nolo - SSI Income & Asset Limits
    8. Income SSA.Gov
      1. SSA Site
    9. Our webpage on SSI Resources & Income
  2. Have less than $1,271 - 123% of FPL  in countable monthly income for an individual ($1,719 for a couple). ca health ADFPL    *  AB 715 Fact Sheet * Western Poverty Law  * 
    1. Share of Cost if income is too high, but you qualify on asset test?

#My Medi-Cal
How to get the Health Care You Need
24 pages

Smart Phones - try turning sideways to view pdf better
My medi cal explanation of medi cal

Western Poverty Law - Insurance for Low Income

Advocate Guide to Medi Cal 

advocate guide to Medi Cal

Nolo Social Security, Medicare, Medi Cal & Government Pensions

nolo social security government pensions

Our Webpage on


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16 comments on “IHSS In Home Supportive Services

  1. give Medicare the power to negotiate for lower drug prices, add new benefits to Medicare

    Adding dental, hearing and vision benefits to Medicare.

    Making new investments in home and community-based services to “help seniors, persons with disabilities and home care workers,”

    Extending a boost to ACA income-based subsidies that were included in the American Rescue Plan Act. The boosted subsidies are set to expire after the 2022 coverage year.

  2. My brother is severely autistic adult and is on Medi-Medi. He receives SSDI through my father and has a small job at a sheltered workshop. His monthly countable income is about 1200. He gets medicare and qualifies for Medi-Cal through the Aged and Disabled Federal Poverty Level Program. I am wondering if he got IHSS, would he have to pay a Share of Cost? I have seen on some sights that “Individuals with income above the SSI/SSP limits, may be required to pay for a portion of their IHSS benefits.” Or does being in the Aged and Disabled FPL program make him qualified for IHSS?

    • We are out of country on vacation. Remind us to do the research the first week in August. Hopefully, we can find you an answer in the research material and links above.

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