international travel policies

International Travel Policies

Get  instant online Travel Policy enrollment and details.  The site includes coverage for  vacations, business travel,  USA coverage for visitors from other countries and coverage for employees in locations around the world.


  •  Question  Do you offer any policy which covers trip cancellation for any reason with a full refund?
  • Answer  Yes. See link above
  • Question Is it better to buy travel insurance in the form of
      • a) annual multi-trip plan -or-
      • b) individual plans for individual trips.
    • I am less interested in lost baggage, flight delays, etc (standard trip insurance items) and more interested in waiving “pre-existing conditions“, primary medical and evacuation  insurance.
    • Ideally an annual plan would cover outside of California but inside the USA (Blue Shield of CA – 2019 change) as well as international.
    • I searched for “US INCLUDED” for annual travel plans on your site  but got nothing. A few options popped up when I changed to “US EXCLUDED”
    • One that popped up for US EXCLUDED was TOKIO Marine / First Health PPO. Their PPO network seems to INCLUDE many US facilities / providers. What gives?
    • Does this policy (or any others) include or exclude US coverage?
    • What else am I giving up with an annual plan, compared to basic “per-trip” trip insurance?
  • Answer  – Here’s the reply from Broker Services @ Insubuy:
  • Question We have a Silver PPO from BS of CA. (the primary coverage). It has hefty out of network deductibles, co pays and max out of pocket limits. For illustration purposes, lets say the annual deductible for out of network is $25K and max out of pocket is $50K.
    • If we buy an annual travel plan with secondary medical coverage (they all seem to have secondary coverage), will the annual travel policy play pick up the hefty deductible ($25 k in this notional example) and $50K Max out of pocket, etc that Blue Shield of CA won’t pay if we end up hit by a bus in Italy and end up going to an out of network provider?
    • If not – what is the point of the annual travel plan with secondary medical coverage?
  • Answer Sounds good, but Obamacare and CA law doesn’t allow USA citizens or residents to buy non conforming health coverage Essential Benefits and all
    • There are no plans for multi-trips for them since they are US citizens. It does not matter if they are dual citizens with 7 other countries the fact they are US citizens means there are no options for multi-trip plans that include coverage in the USA.
    • They will have to purchase separately for each trip they are leaving their home country and traveling to the USA. For travel outside of the USA any of the Multitrip plans that do not cover in the USA(International Exlcuding USA) would be available to cover them on the trips where they are not going to the USA.  Email from Insuby 2.28.2024

Medicare A & B if you don't #live in USA
Publication 11871

Medicare if you live outside usa



Medicare just visiting Out of County Publication # 11037

Medicare Coverage outside USA


*********Social Security*****

Payments if you are living outside of USA # 10137

Social Security outside of usa

  • What if you work in two or more different Countries?
  • International Social Security agreements,  “Totalization agreements,”  have two main purposes.
    • First, they eliminate dual Social Security taxation, the situation that occurs when a worker from one country works in another country and is required to pay Social Security taxes to both countries on the same earnings.
    • Second, the agreements help fill gaps in benefit protection for workers who have divided their careers between the United States and another country.
    • Payments Abroad Screening Tool  
  • Learn More

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Medicare #Enrolling in Parts A & B # 11036


Medicare enrolling in parts a and b


FAQ's from Medicare.Gov 

#Should I get Parts A & B?

Most people should enroll in Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) when they're first eligible, but certain people may choose to delay Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance). In most cases,    #How

It depends on the type of health coverage you may have.

COVID 19 Travel Coverage

Visit our affiliate TRAVEL website for more details.

Please note that IMHO all the COVID rules are very confusing and conflicting.  Be sure to check with the

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