How & When does one enroll, sign up for Medicare?

Part A – Hospital, usually for no premium and

Part B Doctors for around $148/month?

It's best to enroll 3 months before you turn 65

Graphic of when you can enroll based on turning age 65  *  Publication 11036  *

Graphic of when you can enroll based on turning age 65

Use this Medicare tool to Find out when you’re eligible for Medicare.

The best time to sign up is 3 months before your 65th birthday and coverage will start on the 1st of the month of your birthday.   Be sure to let your prior carrier know at least 30 days in advance that you have new coverage and want to cancel.  Especially if it's Covered CA!  That way you don't have double premiums and duplicate coverage.

Once you enroll in Parts A & B, you are then eligible to get a Medi Gap Plan and part D Rx or Medicare Advantage (HMO) to fill in the gaps that Medicare doesn't pay.  Please note that prescription drug coverage is effectively mandatory as there is a penalty when you eventually sign up, if you didn't  sign up when you are supposed to.

How to Apply for Medicare using Medicare/Social Security’s ONLINE tool

  1. Click on the link to go to Social Security’s online enrollment tool 
  2. Before applying, you can visit the “Getting Ready” section to prepare;
    1. Before you start your application, we recommend that you take a moment to prepare yourself by reviewing a few items:
      1. Make sure you meet the requirements to apply online for Retirement/Medicare;
      2. Gather all of the information you need to complete the application process.
  3. More Information
    1. When to Start Receiving Retirement Benefits #10147
      Other Ways To Apply for Benefits
    2. Be sure to sign up for BOTH Part A Hospital and B Dr. Visits – so that you can get Medi Gap supplement coverage or Medicare Advantage
    3. Please note, if you already have Part A, you can’t enroll online, for Part B Dr. Visits you have to fill out  form OMB No. 0938-1230 !   You can mail it in, but be sure to follow up that Social Security has the form.  If not, go to your local Social Security Office and enroll.  Make sure you get a receipt! 
      Please note also, that it’s been reported that  your Social Security number is required, even though there is NO PLACE on the form for it!
  4. Apply and complete the application, which normally takes 10 to 30 minutes;  If you don’t have a Social Security account, the website will have you create one or check out the instructions on our other webpage
    1. Watch a Video on how to create your Social Security Account
    2. You don’t have to collect Social Security to get Medicare!
    3. If this confuses you, if you have SKYPE we can share your screen and help you, set a time to do it  and
  5. Select “Submit Now” to send your application electronically to Social Security.  Publication 10530

If you’d rather see a video, on how to enroll click on the link or scroll down

How to create a
My Social Security & Medicare.Gov Account on

Create ONLINE Account Publication # 10540

Social Security ONLINE Account


video how to create my social security account

VIDEO on advantages and saving time by creating a Social Security Account

Our webpage on how to create a Social Security and My Medicare Account 

You need it to sign up for Medicare too.

Create Social Security Account 

create Social Security Account


We suggest that you create an account with Social Security  and   Medicare  then you can log in and replace your card, in addition to getting tons of other information, like the explanation of benefits for any claims you have.  The new card takes about 30 days to get.  You can also change your address, etc.

With your free, personal my Social Security account, you can receive personalized estimates of future benefits based on your real earnings, see your latest Statement, and review your earnings history. It even makes it easy to request a replacement Social Security Card or check the status of an application, from anywhere!

What can you do with a my Social Security account?
pdf # 10121

Sign In or Create Your Free Account

Official Medicare Enrollment Sit 

Here’s a screen shot of what the Medicare Enrollment Website looks like

Please note, if you already have Part A, you can’t enroll online, you have to fill out  form OMB No. 0938-1230 !   You can mail it in, but be sure to follow up that Social Security has the form.  If not, go to your local Social Security Office and enroll.  Make sure you get a receipt! 

Please note also, that it’s been reported that  your Social Security number is required, even though there is NO PLACE on the form for it!

Should you start taking Social Security too?

Official Medicare Enrollment Site

Blue Shield Authorized Agent
No extra charge to you 

Blue Shield Logo & Enroll

Steve Video @ Blue Shield Headquarters

Resources & Links

Medicare has  done an excellent job of explaining how and when to enroll in their:

Guide Medicare & You,

Publication 11036 Enrolling in Parts A & B,

CA Health Line 10.27.2016

Washington Post on how to figure out Medicare and choose the correct plan


Information you need to have to apply for Medicare or Social Security



Medi-Cal & Medicare Lookup 


45 comments on “Enroll ONLINE for Medicare Part A Hospital & B Doctor Visits

  1. My husband turns 65 in November. I’m 61. How does that affect my Covered CA coverage and subsidies? How does that affect our MAGI income? All the income is in his name! Does that mean I’ll have to be on Medi Cal as I won’t show any income?

  2. Because my 65th birthday is 10/17/2019, today I submitted an online application for Medicare.

    What’s next?

  3. I turn 65 in July. I just applied for Social Security and have received two checks so far. Will I be automatically enrolled into Medicare?

  4. I applied for Medicare, but they are asking for tons of extra paperwork. Will my effective date still be my birthday month or will their scrutiny make it take longer?

  5. My wife needs health insurance from Medicare.

    She’s 65 years old us citizen but still working.

    Social security can’t support her due to over the limit income.

  6. I’m interested in getting Medicare at 63 years old. I have MS and have been told I’m eligible at 63. Is that true?

  7. I need Medicare Coverage for April 1st.

    1. What is the deadline to turn in my paper application or do it online?

    2. If I apply say March 31st, will coverage start April 1st, even though I haven’t been notified?

    • Part A Hospitalization will be effective on the first month that you are eligible for Medicare (your birthday) as long as you do it within the time frame shown above – 3 months before or after the month you turn 65 Enrolling in Medicare 11036 page 11

      Part B gets delayed a month, if you don’t sign up before your birthday month. See page 12 for chart.

      If you have a special enrollment period for Part B, coverage typically starts the month after Social Security gets your application – see page 13.

  8. Medicare was enacted in 1965. I first had it deducted from paychecks starting in 1966. I retired in 2016 so Medicare was deducted from all my earnings for 50 years.

    I finally had occasion to use my Medicare benefit getting a doctor ordered blood test in order to continue receiving medication for high blood pressure. Medicare paid a whopping $2.94. My share was only $241.84.

  9. I can’t check the SS website because it won’t let me setup an account due to the fact that when I first tried to set up an account on March 8th I didn’t answer some of the identity verification questions correctly so it locked me out indefinitely. Great, huh!

    I was able to apply at Medicare however that day and got a confirmation email.

    I tried today to call SS to reset the site so I can setup an account, and see if I’m enrolled, but the wait time was 1-1/2 hours. Great, huh!

    Any suggestions????

        • Here’s what Social Securities FAQ’s and Help screens say a the bottom of the page:

          Sorry, the link broke. Try googling or just email us for the new one.

          If You Cannot Or Do Not Want To Create An Account Online

          You may be unable or unwilling to create an online account if you:

          Have blocked all electronic access to your personal information with us;
          Have recently moved or changed your name;
          Have been the victim of domestic violence or identity theft; or
          Are uncomfortable with or unable to use the online process for some other reason.
          In these cases, you may still create an account in person by visiting your local Social Security office.

          You might also just “suffer” and wait on hold, 1-800-772-1213 per their FAQ’s

  10. Hello Steve,

    1. I have coverage through my work.

    2. Will be turning 65 April 15th so need to enroll in Medicare.

    3. Any recommendations for that with the job coverage??



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