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Introduction to Medi Gap

A Medi-Gap plan allows you to keep your Original Medicare, and all your doctors.  Blue Cross Medi-Gap plans pay in addition what Medicare Pays under  Part A Hospital & Part B Dr. Visits – namely, the 20% Co Pays.   Visit any Doctor or Hospital that accepts Medicare   You still need to purchase Part D Rx. 

There is no extra charge for our services.  We are paid by Blue Cross to help you enroll and to consult with you year around.  Our broker ID is GFKGQSJSRZ.

It’s best to apply when you turn 65 for the supplement plans or Advantage Plans, as that’s the main “Open Enrollment” period, guaranteed issue for any plan.

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Anthem Blue Cross

Medi Gap – #Brochures
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Introduction to #MediGap

2024 Choose Medi Gap Policy

Our video explaining the Governments brochure on choosing a Medi Gap Policy.  Click the little square on the right, to enlarge the video.

Medicare Part A
(#Hospital Insurance)

Medicare Part A Hospital coverage helps pay for care in hospitals as an inpatient,... skilled nursing facilities, hospice care, and some home health care (see publication # 10969) but not Long Term Care.  

Most people get Part A automatically when they turn age 65 at no charge, since they or a spouse paid Medicare taxes while they were working.  You need to sign up close to your 65th birthday, even if you will not be retired by that time. (If you are getting Social Security benefits when you turn 65, your Medicare Hospital Benefits - Part A - start automatically.) 

Here's a chart it's just a illustration and is NOT official  that shows what Medicare pays, the gaps in Medicare and what you may get when you add a Medi Gap Plan or Medicare Advantage to cover those gaps

.Steve's VIDEO Explanation

Part A Coverage medicare - Medi Gap PLan G

Medi Gap A - N #Chart
From Blue Shield Enrollment Guide
Click link or image to enlarge

Plan A - N chart a - n chart

****Comments – FAQ’s *****

Just received a membership card from Blue of CA, called Silver Sneakers Fitness Program.  I called the gym listed – Canyon Crest Athletic Club (One of the premier clubs in Riverside).  They told me with the card, I am essentially a full-fledged member of the club with access to all facilities!

Pretty good deal for $53 / month Insurance premium.

Evidence of Coverage?

We will have these up shortly.  Plain English of all the coverage and details.  Could be 100 to 300 pages…

Membership Service Contacts & Member Portal

& Misc




12 comments on “Anthem Blue Cross

  1. My wife & I were born in 1940 making us 80 years old. We have Senior Classic I. We are paying $545/month for both of us.

    Does it make sense to change to a current selling plan, like Plan G, which may have lower premiums as it doesn’t cover the Part B deductible of $198 for 2020 and $203 for 2021?

    VIDEO Explanation

    • We can check with Blue Cross and verify what coverages you have, that might not show in the matrix below. On a quick view basis, it doesn’t look like it’s really worth the effort.

  2. How does Blue Cross Senior Class J compare to say the current Plan G?

    Coverage & Premium for a 77 year old?

    Can I change under the birthday rule?

  3. On the Medigap BC Anthem quote chart comparing Plan F and G.

    Is the deductible per person or per married couple?

    If my math is correct, we are age 70, if deductible is PP per person we save $79/month each by going to plan G.

    • Part B Deductible of $185 is per person per year

      Subscriber means a person whose status is the basis for eligibility for membership in this Medicare Supplement Plan, who is enrolled by Blue Shield, and maintains coverage in accordance with this Agreement.

      Deductible means the amount paid by the Subscriber for specific covered Services before Original Medicare or the Blue … Medicare Supplement Plan begins to pay. Sample Plan G EOC

  4. I herd [heard] that anthem is leaving calif, unless you have a grandfather policy pre 2010.

    With all we went through with them canceling and re instating us are we covered for 2018, 2019, etc.

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