Hearing & balance exams & hearing aids

How often is it covered?

Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) covers diagnostic hearing and balance exams if your doctor or other health care provider orders these tests to see if you need medical treatment.

Medicare doesn’t cover hearing exams, hearing aids, or exams for fitting hearing aids.

Who’s eligible?

All people with Part B are covered.

Your costs in Original Medicare

Medicare Advantage Plans might cover


Medi Gap – Supplement Plans

Health Savings Accounts HSA?

Cochlear Implants?

#Cochlear Implants

cochlear implant is a small electronic device that can help “make” sound if you have severe or total hearing loss. The implant does the job of the damaged or absent nerve cells that in a normal ear make it possible to hear (auditory nerves). Cochlear implants can be programmed according to your specific needs and degree of hearing loss. Web MD

Will an implant be covered on your Medical Insurance?

Aetna’s Bulletin on Cochlear Implants, includes billing codes.

NO MORE!   Pre-Existing Condition Clause

Is the implant Medically Necessary

Guaranteed Issue ACA/Obamacare for Individuals &  Employer Groups – AB 1672


Consumer Resources


Cochlear Americas.com/

Insurance FAQ’s

hearing loss.org/

“Inventor?” William F House

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  1. I need to contact the office that handles hearing aids insurance. I misplaced the form I need to complete submission of all required documents. I have paid for the hearing aids as instructed.

    I think the name of the company that handles that is: Health Care Solutions, but can’t find it anywhere I’m not even sure that this is the correct location for my inquiry.

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