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Medicare A & B & Medi Gap Plans Cedars Sinai


Traditional or original Medicare (Part A and/or B), including Medicare supplement insurance (Medigap) plans, you will have coverage for care from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Marina Del Rey Hospital and many of our doctors.


Medicare Advantage (Part C)  Cedars Sinai


Part C, also known as Medicare Advantage or a Medicare Health plan, is purchased from a private insurance company and typically organized like an HMO or PPO insurance plan.


Cedars-Sinai participates Plans Accepted   in the following Medicare #Advantage plans:

Cedars-Sinai participates in the following Medicare Advantage plans:

If you enroll in an HMO plan, you must choose a primary care doctor in either the Cedars-Sinai Medical Group or Cedars-Sinai Health Associates and be referred to specialists within these groups. These plans have options that include Part D Rx coverage.

We can help you enroll, no extra charge for our services.

Email us [email protected] to verify the plans or use the provider finders on our Blue Shield and Blue Cross pages and we can help you enroll, no additional charge.

With these plans, you must choose a primary care doctor in either the Cedars-Sinai Medical Group or Cedars-Sinai Health Associates, and will be referred to specialists within these groups.

Of course, with a Medi Gap plan, you can go to ANY MD or hospital that accepts medicare.  Double check here, by using the tool on your right.

Cedars Sinai Ad

cedars sinai ad

Blue Shield Provider #Finder -
Dentists, Doctors & Hospitals

Blue Shield Provider Finder - Dentists


What Medicare Advantage Plan can I get that #UCLA will Accept? 

UCLA Medical Center
Courtesy UCLA Website

UCLA’s Insurance’s Accepted webpage!

Medicare Advantage HMOs:

Email us [email protected] for UHC information and materials

SCAN Health Plan – SCAN Classic II

(Through December 31, 2021)  uh ooh! 

We represent Blue Shield and UHC United Health Care.  We can help you review and enroll.  No extra charge!


Individual & Family Plans UCLA Webpage

Blue Shield offers several plans that may cover care at UCLA Health

Oscar offers Oscar EPO – Circle – CHOICE Network for individuals, families and small businesses that covers care at UCLA Health

UCLA Health doctors and differences in accepted health insurance*

Certain UCLA Health doctors may not accept the same insurance plans that our hospitals do. (Find a provider at UCLA Health.)

Please call the UCLA Health referral line at 800-UCLA-MD1 (800-825-2631) for the latest updates on which insurance a particular doctor may accept.

Steve explains how to navigate the UCLA Section

Sound will be fixed soon

steve explains this page on ucla

#Understanding Medicare Advantage Plans (PDF) #12026

Watch Steve's Video

Video understanding medicare advantage mapd

Insurance Companies get a fee from the Federal Government, when you enroll in an MAPD plan.  MAPD Plans must cover all A & B services Medicare.Gov *

That's why the premium is very low or ZERO!

MAPD Medicare Advantage Plans

  • Health Net (Cardiovascular Disorders, Chronic Heart Failure, Diabetes)
  • SCAN Health Plan (Diabetes Mellitus)
  • Village Health by SCAN (ESRD)


Original Medicare Parts A – Hospital and B Doctor Visits and

Medicare Supplements – Medi Gap:

Under 65 Individual Accepted Plans

Covered California Plans
Generally same network as Direct or Off Exchange

Blue Shield PPO
(CCSB Covered CA Small Biz Only)

Health Net PureCare
(Individual & CCSB)

L.A. Care Health Plan HMO
(LA County Only) Contract confirmed for ALL of 2021  12/15/2020 broker bulletin.

Blue Cross HMO
LA County ONLY


Employer Group Plans

Our Web pages for Carriers – Companies

Health Care Partners – Optum

 Patient ONLINE Portal – POP

  • View your lab test results
  • Make appointments with your providers
  • Request medication refills
  • Send a secured message to your doctor’s office
  • Register a loved one for a proxy account
  • Pay your HealthCare Partners bill
  • FAQ on changes from Davita & Health Care Partners to Optum

What Health Insurance, MAPD, Medi Gap Plans does
#THIPA  Torrance Memorial IPA


THIPA Torrance Health Memorial  IPA
Accepted Health Plans

THIPA Flyers



COVID 19  Information from Torrance Memorial

Our Webpage on Insurance Company Bulletins for COVID 19

#Find a Anthem Blue Cross
Doctor, Hospital and other Providers

Anthem Blue Cross provider doctor search


you tube videos


14 comments on “Cedar’s Sinai – Thipa – Optum – UCLA – stanford Insurance Plans Accepted

    • You might check with the doctor or his IPA Medical Groups website.

      Then double check on the Insurance Companies Provider Finder.


      Blue Cross

      Blue Shield

      Our Quote Engines Provider Finder for ALL Companies

      Covered CA also has a tool… but I personally don’t like it. It forces you to get a quote first and it doesn’t save…

      See above on the website and below on our FAQ’s for details and video’s how to use each Insurance Companies provider finder.

      If you are getting your coverage from us, just tell us what MD’s you want and we can research it for you.

  1. 25 comments on “UCLA Medicare Advantage Plans Accepted?”

      • We revamped our webpage. Take a look at the top and I think it’s very clear. Both Blue Shield and UCLA have announced it.

        Use the Blue Shield provider finder to verify doctors on the list.

    1. Anonymous says:

      UCLA shows numerous Insurances that they accept. Why are you only mentioning Blue Shield?

      • For Medicare Advantage, yes they do list Scan. We don’t represent Scan. However, we’ve been advised that SCAN will be out for 2020.

        As to the other Insurance Companies mentioned, they are for Employer Groups, Military, Under 65, etc. Click here for more detail and explanation.

    2. Anonymous says:

      What are the co-pays in the UCLA and Cedars-Sinai medicare Advantage programs?

        • Anonymous says:

          no copays for anything at all?

          Hard to decipher. So UCLA has all 0 copays?

          • Please don’t go by summaries. When we give you a link… it’s mandatory that you click on it and review the details. Here’s the actual summary of benefits for Blue Shield’s Medicare Advantage Plan 65 Plus for Los Angeles. Please go to our Blue Shield page cited above for other plans and counties. Blue Shield is the Insurance Company, NOT UCLA.

    3. Anonymous says:

      Hi. Nice site!

      I am on SCAN currently and it’s not meeting my needs.

      I want a low cost supplemental plan that covers me for the UCLA medical group.
      Oct 15th is when my plan expires.

      • Thanks for the compliment on our website.

        When you say supplement, I presume you mean Medi Gap, where you can go to any doctor or facility that accepts Medicare, right? All Medi Gap plans would pay for UCLA.

        If I understand you correctly, your plan with SCAN expires 12.31.2019. October 15th is when you can pick a new Medicare Advantage plan.

        Here’s our page for Blue Cross Medi Gap and Blue Shield Medi Gap, rates & benefits are there.

        Click here to get quotes for Medi Gap Plans

    4. Anonymous says:

      I have Medicare Part A and B does UCLA except Medicare ?

      If so how do I find a Doctor .

      I can pay for what Medicare doesn’t cover

    5. Gina says:

      I am confused about the comments above! Does UCLA accept Original Medicare Parts A and B? Thank you.

      • Yes, of course. The issue above is if AARP is accepted by UCLA. You can double check Medicare Providers here. This page explains what happens if you find a provider that doesn’t take original medicare.

    6. Marielou b says:

      I am 70 years, one eye completely blind,

      I was with AARP, till last December 2016,, but Beginning January 1, 2017 , they have dis enrolled me.

      I make $855. From SSI Supplemental Security Income – Benefits and my husband who is enrolled with Kaiser gets $1045. Per month

      This January I went to see my doctor and was surprised to be billed $495. Which is the 20 % That I need to pay….

      Is there any place I can enroll for membership.

      I’ll appreciate any advice


      • You have Medi-Cal don’t you as it’s automatic with SSI, right? So, that would allow Medi-Cal to pay the 20% wouldn’t it?

        That might give you issues with Medi-Medi where Medi-Cal enrolls you in a Medicare Advantage plan themselves, but there are ways to get out of it.

        If you do have Medi-Cal, that allows you to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan throughout the year, not just during Open Enrollment.

        So, the questions are:

        What Medicare Advantage plan did you want to enroll in?
        …It appears SCAN is the only plan UCLA takes from looking at their website. I don’t represent SCAN but can refer you to a friendly agent who does.

        Did you submit the bill to Medi-Cal?

        Is UCLA a Medi-Cal provider?

    7. Carol says:

      We found out that you can also apply for UCLA doctors through the ACO program – also know as Medicare Shared Savings Plan (MSSP). Here’s a UCLA link for information:

      • Thank you very much for posting. Here’s more on the Shared Savings Program from CMS.Gov Section 3022 of ACA I wonder how many people that want to repeal Obamacare even know this is part of it? Here’s information on Blue Shield’s ACO for under 65. Use the menu above and check out Medi-Gap – Supplement plans.

    8. Greg says:

      I am hoping with Trump in the white house that ucla will be back with us.

    9. Greg R says:

      Is blue cross Medi Blus Plus the only plan that is going to have UCLA medical group

      • UCLA’s Website says they also take SCAN. I don’t have a direct agent appointment with Scan, email us and we can refer you

    10. Patty says:


      thank you for all the useful PDF s you have posted on the internet.

      Can you help me with a situation that involves UCLA medical Group not renewing their contract with AARP?

      Do you know if and where there is real managed care?

      Patients like myself have a very difficult time receiving it if one has multiple chronic serious medical conditions. As you become more frail it becomes impossible to advocate for yourself.
      I have been at UCLA for a long time. They are no longer in the health care business, they are in the insurance business.
      They are loosing the good doctors.

      Please advise.
      It would be very appreciated.

      Thank you,


      • Blue Cross Medi Blue Plus will be covering UCLA for 2017. Here’s that webpage which includes the summary of benefits and provider finder. Or, visit our Blue Cross Affliate Site get all the information and enroll online.

        Watch this page for updates to your question about the future of managed care.

  2. 19 comments on “Health Care Partners – Optum – Plans accepted – we can help”

    1. Anonymous says:

      My physician office Nasim Golzar says they’ll take Health net HMO as long as it goes through Healthcare Partners.
      These were listed as plans she’ll take. I’m including a picture of them.

      Try calling Health Care Partners. Their websites states that LA Care is the only individual plan they accept.

      Health Care Partners - Insurance Accepted

      • 1st off, I don’t know where you got this list from and if it’s authoritative. Here’s Health Care Partners OFFICIAL list of what they take. Note, while they may list dozens of plans, which ones does an individual under 65 qualify for?

        Check out this Q & A where we went over many of the same issues with UCLA’s accepted Insurance list and plans that are not available for an individual.

        Take a look at the quotes for Health Net using sample information.

        These are ALL the individual plans that Health Net sells to individuals in CA!
        Here’s the 2019 list of plan choices by region zip code San Pedro is region 15

        Do you really want to pay $965 for a Silver Plan?

        Do you really want to limit yourself to a Bronze Plan, with %6,300 deductible? Sure you get 3 doctor visits with a $65 co-pay, but then you go into your deductible. Official Summary of Benefits Federal

        Why not use LA Care?

        • Anonymous says:

          On the quotes you sent me, it also shows Blue Cross Individual under 65.  Is that accepted by Health Care Partners?

          • Here’s the full quote details

            I doubt it very much as Blue Cross Individual is NOT on Health Care Partners list above

            2nd we can click on the link in the proposals that says find doctors. See screen shots below. I don’t see it. I’ll ask Blue Cross for a list of IPA’s

            500.21 /mo

            Plan Details
            View Similar Plans
            Find Doctors

            individual vs group

            off exchange pathway

            type of facility

            quotit Quote

            • Blue Cross doesn’t have a list of IPA’s. One just needs to use their provider finder.

              So, let’s see if your MD is on their list. Sorry, no. As you said, your MD said she only does Health Care Partners and their list doesn’t show Blue Cross Individual.

            • Anonymous says:

              The doctor I go to will only take LA Care if it’s through Healthcare Partners too.

              I called LA Care and they said they’re not through Healthcare Partners now and I couldn’t use LA Care at my current doctors office.

              I’m lost.

  3. I wanted to know if Cedars-Sinai Medical Group accepts Anthem Blue Cross.

    We have been with our pediatrician for some time and I’d like to continue with her, Dr. Kyle Monk.

  4. I just was informed that my Health Net insurance coverage issued by Los Angeles Unified School District will not enable me to continue with the Cedars Sinai Medical Associates that I’ve been covered under.

    Do you know if there is a way to continue this coverage using Anthem Blue Cross HMO or EPO with some type of supplemental insurance coverage that isn’t prohibitive cost wise?

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