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CA Individual & Family

We’ve represented Blue Shield for 40 years and have been quite happy.   There is no charge for you to have our expertise as Blue Shield pays us.  It helps them too!

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Picking a PPO Primary Care Physician PCP – MD

PPO members for all Covered CA plans and maybe all? plans will now have a central point of contact PCP – Primary Care Physician, in the health system for receiving long-term, comprehensive, coordinated care for most health needs. PPO members are able to switch PCPs at any time. There is no action for members to take. Blue Shield will provide additional details on this new feature in the coming weeks.

Members of non-grandfathered PPO plans will continue to have the freedom to choose specialists and other providers – without referrals inside or outside the network – as they do now.

PPO Primary Care MD – member communication from Covered California


Primary Care & PPO VIDEO

Pick primary care even if on PPO


Blue Shield Coverage for COVID

COVID Coverage 

Our main webpage on COVID 


Blue Shield Authorized Broker Website
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2020 Paper Application

Steve @ Blue Shield HQ

Steve at Blue Shield HQ

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Blue Shield Provider Finder -
Dentists, Doctors & Hospitals

Blue Shield Provider Finder - Dentists


Finding or changing MD
with Trio Plan VIDEO


How to use the Finding a provider tool above VIDEO

Our Web page with more detail on using provider finder

Understanding Your Plan pdf

Video - Understanding your plan

Nurse Help 24/7, Heal and Teladoc save on prescriptions ER vs. urgent care.


Use your online account to review claims, copays or deductibles and take advantage of other member benefits.

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Blue Shield TRIO Plan Guide
PPO Plan Guide
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2020 Summary of Benefits

2020 Paper Rate Book

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PPO Plans Summary of Benefits
Blue Shield Platinum 90 PPO English

Important Legal Information booklet

Evidence of Coverage/Policy (EOC)
Visit blueshieldca.com/policies to download the forms.

Blue Shield Gold 80 PPO English
Blue Shield Silver 70 PPO English
Silver 70 Off Exchange PPO English
Silver 1950 PPO (New for 2020) English
Silver 2600 HDHP PPO (New for 2020) English
Blue Shield Bronze 60 PPO English
Blue Shield Bronze 60 HDHP PPO English
Blue Shield Minimum Coverage PPO English

Blue Shield offers  six Silver cost-sharing reduction plans through Covered California for clients whose income is between 138% to 250% of the federal poverty level (FPL). These plans are available only through Covered California, there is no extra charge to use an agent.

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Cost-Sharing Reduction Plans Summary of Benefits
Blue Shield Silver 73 PPO English

Important Legal Information booklet

Evidence of Coverage/Policy (EOC)
Visit blueshieldca.com/policies to download the forms.

Blue Shield Silver 73 Trio HMO English
Blue Shield Silver 87 PPO English
Blue Shield Silver 87 Trio HMO English
Blue Shield Silver 94 PPO English
Blue Shield Silver 94 Trio HMO English

2019 Benefit Summaries  |  Dental Benefit Summaries  |  Vision Benefit Summaries

22 comments on “Blue Shield 2021 PPO & Trio

    • Blue Shield is ahead of the ball. Their own broker manual says that the notices wouldn’t go out till October 1st.

      key dates for 2021

      Note that in the notice that you got, nothing happens till November 1st.
      November 1st can change plans

      The averages for 2021 look good. Those are averages, I’m sorry you show a 5% increase.
      average rate changes

      To shop with Blue Shield, use the link above, starting November 1st.

      To get quotes from all other companies and get subsidy calculation, here’s our quoting tool. We’ve been advised the rates for 2021 would be loaded and available on October 15th.

      Here’s our Open Enrollment Webpage for more details on dates and deadlines.

      Please note that many companies have told us that full details would not be available till November 1. So, please how about waiting till say November 5th to give us time to review all the materials. We pride ourselves on accurate information not the SWAG method.

    • ACA/Obamacare pretty much made the coverage for all plans and all companies, exactly the same. It’s a function of Metal Levels, Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze. Silver 73, 87 & 94 are only available if your income is low. Get a quote to see.

      There are 10 essential benefits under ACA/Obamacare.

      CA has additional benefits

      ACA Obamacare Essential Benefits

      (A) Ambulatory patient services.
      (B) Emergency services.
      (C) Hospitalization.
      (D) Maternity (page 9 & 85) [but not infertility] and newborn care.
      (E) Mental health and substance use disorder services, including behavioral health treatment.
      NAMI Website , AB 88, CFR 156.115 (a) (3), “Federal Mental Health” Mental Health Parity Act 1996 2008 Final Rules

      (F) Prescription drugs.
      CFR 156.122

      (G) Rehabilitative and habilitative [learn or improve skills for daily living] services and devices. (American Academy of Reb 18 page paper)
      (H) Laboratory services.
      (I) Preventive and wellness services and chronic disease management.
      (J) Pediatric services, including oral and vision care. Blue Shield Individual Flyer Essential Health Benefits 5.2013 Group Essential Health Benefits (EBH) 42 USC 18022 SB 951
      Get Adult Dental & Vision Quotes – ONLINE Enrollment
      (H?) Cancer and other life threatening disease – clinical trials

      CA Essential Benefits
      Preventive services for children 16 and younger
      Mental health parity
      Autism care including behavioral health treatment
      Prescription drug coverage for contraceptives
      Maternity hospital stay
      Maternity: Inpatient hospital and ambulatory
      AIDS vaccine
      HIV testing
      Organ transplants for HIV
      Diabetes education, management and treatment
      Alpha feto protein testing
      Prosthetics for laryngectomy
      Reconstructive surgery
      Mastectomies and lymph node dissections
      Cervical cancer treatment
      Cancer screening tests
      Cancer clinical trials

      Prostate cancer treatment
      Osteoporosis treatment
      Surgical procedures for jaw bones
      Anesthesia for dental
      Conditions attributable to diethylstilbestrol
      Hospice (end of life) care
      Pain management medication for terminally ill
      Emergency response ambulance or ambulance transport services
      Medicare Coverage # 11021
      Phenylketonuria treatment
      Sterilization operations and procedures View the Affordable health ca.com page Assembly Bill 1453 (Monning) and Senate Bill 951 (Hernandez). View the California Health and Safety Code, section 1367.005

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