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Why Plan for Retirement?

Retirement planning  is more important that ever, considering longer life spans, Long Term Care  needs and potential Medicare cut backs.   Employer Pension plans are great but many are  being cut back L.A Times  or converted to 401k rather than defined benefit.  So, it’s more and more important to save on your own. 

Annuity Proposal

Check  the links below email [email protected] or call us 310.519.1335 on various ways to increase your savings for retirement as Social Security is only considered the BASE for  retirement benefits (estimator)

If you ever worked for a company or put money into a plan, but do not remember where it is, etc. try these ideas to locate your missing retirement funds.


Resources & Links

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Annuity Proposal

Save for your

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Smart Spending in Retirement 

Defined Benefit Plans

Daily Breeze Article on San Diego’s unfunded liability

“America’s Finest City” is in a fine mess. Its unfunded pension liability — the gap between the value of its pension assets and its obligation to retirees — stood at $1.17 billion at the end of January. It faces anadditionalshortfall of $545 million for retiree medical benefits.The seaside city of 1.3 million people would need to double its pension contribution to $259 million next year — or about one-tenth of its annual budget — just to avoid falling further behind, said April Boling, who heads Mayor Dick Murphy’s Pension Reform Committee. That’s more than three times what it spends on parks and seven times what it gives libraries.

Later retirement age proposed

Boling, who is also Murphy’s campaign treasurer, isn’t shying away from the b-word. She says the city will need to sell $600 million in bonds over three years and raise the retirement age to 62 from 55, among other things. “If the city doesn’t follow our recommendations, we will be headed toward bankruptcy,” Boling said. “That is a fact.”

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