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Jackson National Life’s history is one of uninterrupted service and growth. As one of the largest life insurance and financial services organizations in the United States, JNL is an industry leader in the areas of fixed, indexed, and variable annuities.

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Actual Claims Paid

$300k Life Insurance Payment 

100K 5/2003

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7 comments on “Jackson National

  1. What is the status of my policy xxx5980. I have just received ad statement of premium due. I thought this policy was no longer active.

  2. I’m not getting any response on the account I have with a fixed annuity I have with Jackson.

    Please send me the status on this account.

    • I will email you the form below, appointing me as your agent, no extra charge, so that I’m authorized to get this information for you. If I have a licensing issue, I should still be able to get you the information and will assist you to find an agent in your state.

  3. I had a Deferred Annuity with Jackson National through another agent, but have not had any reports on it lately.

    Could you find me some information about that annuity when I send you the policy number?

    I’m not in CA

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