What’s the optimum age 62 -70 to start taking
your Social Security Retirement Benefits?


The longer you hold off on taking your Social Security, you get an 8% increase in your check.  Then you will also get cost-of-living increases.   If you continue to work, that would increase your benefits too.   See the official Social Security publications to the right or scroll down if you’re on a smart phone, see also the calculators & bibliography below.   Our VIDEO explanation of this page

Don’t forget about Medicare @ 65

If you plan to delay receiving benefits because you’re working, you’ll still need to sign up for Medicare three months before reaching age 65. If you don’t enroll in Medicare medical insurance or prescription drug coverage when you’re first eligible, it can be delayed and you may have to pay a late enrollment penalty for as long as you have coverage.  You can find more detailed information about Medicare here or scroll down and see general brochures & videos.

Social Security’s Planning Tools

Save for your Future .org


Links & Resources



Charles Schwab

How Work Affects Your Benefits, and

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Terry Savage.com Social Security – Still have mortgage?

Dave Ramsey – Take Social Security early?

Suze Orman – Optimum Age to retire

Social Security Strategies: How to Optimize Retirement Benefits  Book    the authoritative source on Social Security claiming strategies,  Social Security benefits are the largest retirement asset for the majority of Americans. Yet most decide when to begin benefits without advice. this book is a primer for enhancing lifetime income and minimizing the risk of running out of savings in retirement.  cut through the maze of rules governing Social Security and will equip you with the information and heuristics you need to offer quality advice about Social Security 

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