International travel
medical care while you’re abroad

We can provide US citizens and non-US citizens, foreigners, non residents and “lawfully present.” with instant online enrollment and details on how International Plans  Travel Plans work.   

Whether you need individual coverage for a vacation, or group coverage for employees in locations around the world, our International site has a product to meet your needs.

We might also be able to get you a standard USA policy click for free quotes  if you are “lawfully present in CA USA.

Insubuy Travel Health Insurance
Instant Quotes, Details and ONLINE Enrollment 

International Travel Insurance

Steve talks about International Travel Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance – Comprehensive Coverage Plans

4 comments on “Buy Travel & International Insurance – Geo Blue – Insubuy

  1. Request for Quote

    Atlas America

    I would like to know, whether i can use the ID just like any other insurance company in USA?

    In case of any medical emergency , i hope i will not asked to pay upfront and request for filing claim later on.

    My mom is travelling to USA on May 1st from india , she stays until Sep 26th.

    So would like to get a quote for 2 months period initially.

    Jerin A

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