How do Insurance Companies & Medicare
handle claims if you are out of the area, out of state or out of country?

Please check the official policies and brochures below or on your insurance companies website (view our companies page, look for the companies administrative page) to see how travel is covered.  In general, it’s emergency or urgent care ONLY.

See our webpage on Blue Shield PPO Travel 

Health Net PPO Travel Guide

HMO  16 pages each

Blue Cross – Specimen Platinum PPO

Policy – Travel Section

Sorry, under ObamaCare – Blue Cross does not appear to participate in the Blue Card Program unless it’s an emergency or urgent care.  Double check this – 2016 might have changed!

Blue Shield HMO

Kaiser – Travel Care away from home * 951-268-3900  *

Provider Finder for all our companies

BLUE (Shield & Cross) CARD PROGRAM

US News & World Report 10.2015 – Coverage while outside USA

Free Quotes, Brochures and complete information on travel coverage and International Medical Plans 

Medicare Coverage Outside of USA # 11037

$50k Emergency Coverage in Supplemental & Advantage Plans


Consumer Links & Resources

Medical Info for American’s Traveling Abroad  US State Department

Official Web Site for Canadian Health Care

Constitutional right to travel 14th Amendment

Insubuy Travel Health Insurance
Instant Quotes, Details and ONLINE Enrollment 

International Travel Insurance

Blue Shield HMO
Blue Shield HMO SBC EOC

Specimen PPO Policy

Specimen PPO Policy



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