How to find a network provider?

It can sometimes be difficult to find a provider that is accepted by your Insurance Company.  Meaning they are a Network Provider whether you are in an HMO, PPO, etc.   Even in a PPO, you get paid best when using a Network Provider.

FAQ on how to read list of accepted Insurance on a Provider – Hospital Site 

See below on finding a provider in your network and/or

MD & Hospital Finder – Quotit – All Companies

Check our Companies – Carriers  page and then get more detail on how to use their provider finder

Covered CA Search

1st use their Shop & Compare Tool

Links & Resources

Health   Find an MD and get ratings – we have no control over outside links – evaluate for yourself

California Choice – Web MD Tool – Compare Hospitals Outcomes

CHFC Study on Provider Lists 9.2015

Network, HMO, PPO etc. explanation on Insure Me

Glossary – Definitions

View actual Evidence of Coverage page 14 and check out the definitions and explanations of the role of the PCP Primary Care Physician and IPA Independent Practise Assoc

NEW Provider Finder tools for our clients and future clients, who get free proposals by clicking here for individuals or here for employer groups

Just send us your list (Word & Brown Group Form) of MD’s, specialty, city – address to [email protected]  and we can search ALL Small Group Plans & Networks, we can now do Individual too per Duncan S…  and send you back a report  using the proprietary system, Broker Log In.

Travel Insurnace

InsuBuy International Medical Coverage – Instant Quotes & Enrollment


Blue Cross

  • Tier 1 & 2 List ♦ Insure Me Blog ♦ Where to get care flyer – ER vs Urgent Care, etc.  ♦  Instructions  ♦  Network Info ♦ Pathway is the same on and off the exchange. We are required by Covered CA to list it as Pathway X on provider finder.  Email dated 11.17.2015 ♦  Live Health ONLINE ♦ More Info
    • Provider Lists – Definitions HMO, Tiered – PPO, PPO, EPO

Assurant (Aetna PPO) Not writing Business for 2016   Cedar’s Sinai – Alternatives for 2016

same Narrow Network in or out of Covered CA.

Explanation on Insure Me



We will grant you that some are very difficult to use, even for us, with advanced degrees in Insurance and 30+ years of experience.   See this page on instructions and this one on narrow lists under Health Care Reform if you need additional help.  SB 137 effective 1.1.2016 hopefully will make things easier.

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  1. What does it mean, when the provider list says, doctor not accepting new patients?

    They’re saying I’m a new patient because I just signed on with them as my insurance and that my doctor isn’t taking new patients. That’s nonsense. I’ve been with her 12 years.

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