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Evidence of Coverage

The FULL Policy

So many questions are answered right in the evidence of coverage – EOC, in PLAIN English, as mandated by law.   Sure beats reading the law and then trying to see for sure if the law applies to you.   When you have your actual EOC, A couple of  easy ways to find stuff in the policy is the bookmarks, table of contents and the search feature.

Here’s a specimen EOC Evidence of Coverage for:

Individuals & Families,

Employer Group PPO  *  Gold Select HMO

Medicare Advantage Co Ordination Plan – Medicare & Medi-Cal

We have EOC’s available all over our website Individual & FamilyEmployer Group for the companies that we represent.  Use the search feature in the right hand corner above  or Email us if you are in CA and have any questions.

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2 comments on “EOC Evidence of Coverage Value and how to find

  1. Hello Steve,

    Under our current plan, the co-pay is separated into two categories for the benefits:

    1) Facility $50/visit
    2) Professional $25/visit

    Can you pls [please] advise/explain what is considered facility & professional?
    We’ve called Anthem direct, however, all the reps seem to have different understandings for both.

    Best Regards,

    Justine H

    • This type of technical question is the very reason we’ve posted a sample copy of the full EOC – Evidence of Coverage. It’s the full contract between the insurance company and you. In addition to the bookmarks, use the search feature, to look for your keywords, like facility, professional & visit.

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