What is the proper way to cancel Health Insurance?

So that I don’t have to pay extra premiums

I’m not restricted when, if I want to reapply.

Don’t have problems with Advance Premium Subsidies


Just let Covered CA or your Insurance Company know at least 15 days ahead of time.  See the menu above for the administrative page – contact information for each Insurance Company.  However, take a look at this excerpt of email from Covered CA dated 5.24.2018:  

Agents and client can cancel the plan directly in the web site but they need a 15 day window to terminate at the end of the month. If it is less than 15 days of the termination date, they need to call Covered California. We can terminate it with less than 14 days.

We provide this service for our clients, who do not pay extra as we are paid by the Insurance Companies when we are appointed as your broker.   However, we must have  proof of new coverage.   We will not cancel a policy for a client, without proof of new coverage.  We don’t want to become the Insurance Company.

The main point is not to let coverage lapse for non-payment of premium as the Insurance Company might send a 10 day demand letter and send you to collections.  Saying you didn’t use the Insurance won’t work.  That isn’t what Insurance is. Risk Pooling.  Proving that you have other coverage will probably work.

Resources & Links

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Health Net Cancellation Procedures

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