1. My credit card was on file with Anthem Blue Cross Platinum PPO for monthly payments of my premium. I do this with all of my insurance plans: house, health, and car. I have never had a problem.
  1. 2. After my daughter got sick and I was told her prescription wasn’t covered, that pharmacy wasn’t available, I did some investigation by phone and was told that my insurance was canceled and it cannot be reinstated. I am floored and sick to my stomach. I did nothing wrong.

    3. I cannot even find the page for payment where my Visa CC was stored on the website.


    1. I guess the big issue here is proof, evidence and establishing that Blue Cross had you set up on Auto Pay. Please email us everything you have to show that you were. Please also send us your user name & password to your BC online account and Covered CA if you have that

    What about the late notices and cancellations they are mandated to send you?

    What payment were withdrawn from your credit card?

    3. Send us the user name & password of your BC online account. Also, we can contact BC on your behalf if you authorize us as your agent and we will look for what we can in your favor.

    If all else fails, there are temporary plans, but most do not meet minimum essential requirements, thus you pay the fine and do not cover pre-existing conditions. Mr. Mip will though.

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  1. Hello,

    I got a cancellation notice from anthem today because they have not received the current payment.

    I thought they were debiting my checking account, as that as how it has worked for the past five years, but apparently not this year.

    Anyway, wondering what might be done to get some kind of insurance policy in place or reinstate this one.

    We don’t have anything particular going on health wise, but you have to have it.

    Two parents, 62 and 51, daughter 21, daughter 20, son 18, daughter 15.

    Any suggestions. Hard to believe that they will cancel with no warning, just like that…

    Jeremy C 434 xxx

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