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  • LA Care seems to be only Medi Cal, but it’s expanded to Covered CA, where we can be your agent and help you at no additional charge!  commission disclosure
  • Get instant quotes for Covered CA & Enroll.
  • L.A. Care is  expanding  the number of doctors, hospitals and medical groups within its provider network.
  • Since 2013, LA Care has more than doubled the number hospitals and expanded its contracts with medical groups, which includes Health Care Partners/Optum.  L.A. Care has also exponentially increased the number of primary care physicians and specialists in its network.
  • While their is no premium cost for Medi-Cal, those of us working and earning a living pay for Medi Cal with our taxes. *
  • Please note that as Certified Agents for Covered CA we do NOT get compensated for Medi-Cal business.  These pages are provided as  public service(Leviticus 19:9) – Pro Bono and incidental to our business in the private marketplace.  Thus, we do not provide telephone support for Medi-Cal, but will research and give you the correct, authoritative answer with a citation at the bottom of each and every page or just click on the FAQ button.

The impressive list of available L.A. Care Covered hospitals

includes some of the highest-quality, top-ranked institutions in the area, including:

Healthy Living Rewards

L.A. Care will reward L.A. Care Covered members for taking the right steps to improve their health! By participating in L.A. Care’s My Health In Motion Program and successfully completing their health appraisal survey, health coaching plan, tobacco cessations workshop (if a smoker), and healthy weight workshop, L.A. Care Covered members can earn up to 215 points (1 point = $1 in gift cards). These points can be redeemed for gift cards to more than 100 retail outlets.

All our plans are Guaranteed Issue with No Pre X Clause
Quote & Subsidy #Calculation
There is No charge for our complementary services

Guaranteed Issue - No Pre X Clause - Quote & Subsidy Calculation - No charge for our complementary services - If not in CA click here for Nationwide Quotes

Watch our 10 minute VIDEO
that explains everything about getting a quote

Full detailed explanation of how to use our quote engine video

#Member Documents

L.A. Care provides members in all our health plans with materials that explain your specific benefits and how to get care. These documents also describe other aspects of your coverage, such as procedures for complaints, an explanation of your rights and our privacy policy.


Member Services: 1-888-839-9909 (TTY 711)


Member Services: 1-855-270-2327 (TTY 711)

LA Care 

Payment Options

  • Recurring Payments
    • Auto Pay allows your  premium payments to be automatically paid on the same day every month through your checking or savings account. Sign up at any time through the member portal.    Just enter your bank name, bank account number and routing number. Auto Pay must be set up no later than the15th of the month in order for payment to be withdrawn on the 26th.
  • Pay Online
    • Use your  member portal, to  view and pay premiums  at any time with a credit or debit card, or an electronic check.   Premiums are due on the 26th of every month, for the next month.
    • If you have any  technical issues,  like not being able to find the payment option  call  Member Services at (855) 270 – 2327.  They have an experienced team to help you.   See below  Q & A if you want us to give you individual attention, at no additional charge.
    • Questions?
  • Pay by Phone
    • Members can pay for your premiums over the phone by calling toll free 1.855.270.2327 (TTY 711). L.A. Care representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Pay by Mail
    • If members would like to pay monthly premiums by mail, they can send a check, money order, or cashier’s check to:
      • L.A. Care Health Plan
        L.A. Care Covered
        P.O. Box 2168
        Omaha, NE 68103
  • In Person:
    • Visit L.A. Care Headquarters Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to 5:00pm to submit a payment via cashier’s check, money order, or personal check (cash/credit not accepted). They are located on the
    • 1st floor at:
      • 1055 W 7th Street,
      • Los Angeles, CA 90017
  • Questions?

Our FAQ’s 

  • I can’t find payment option when I login into my account! How do I find it?
    • See above, we’ve highlighted the member services phone #. Also, see the Q & A below about giving his your log in, information and appointing us as your broker, so that we can give you specific individualized help.
  • When I log in to my account there is no option for online payment.  where do I find this option?  What am I doing wrong ?
    • We’ve updated the page above to better answer your question. If you would like us to trouble shoot the problem, please email us privately [email protected] your login in formation. We also need you to appoint us as your Covered CA agent, instructions, so that we have authorization and also get compensated for our time.

LA Care


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With all the advertising LA Care does and I don't get a nickel to help you with Medi-Cal, please just contact them for your questions and enrollment

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#My Medi-Cal 
How to get the Health Care
You Need

24 pages

Smart Phones - try turning sideways to view pdf better
My medi cal explanation of medi cal

Broker ONLY

 la cares  

21 comments on “LA Care – Medi Cal & Covered CA

  1. Hi there, I’m a resident of LA county.

    Just would like to apply personally as a first time client/member to be, also as part of the lower income bracket, single.

    Can you help, guide and walk me through different health plan option that best suits me?

    I hope to get a good, decent and best health plan for me. I am just so confused and don’t know where to start and who to contact to in all of these insurance buying/canvassing and decide what works best for me, of course with a budget friendly plan, because I’m not getting any younger too.

    I need to take big, smart decisions in investing my money and health to the right and beneficial health insurance, because I believe that this health matter is long overdue and I need the right people to help me.

    I hope to hear a favorable response from you soon. Thank you. 🙏🏽🙌🏼😌🤞🏽

  2. I am currently a member of LA Care Health plan through Medi-cal.

    I need information about current OBGYN physicians that accept my insurance.

  3. On the LA Care Silver 70 HMO how many days does that plan have for inpatient or outpatient substance abuse? (30 days or 60 days)


      Product Line : L.A. Care Covered Address : SAN PEDRO, CA 90731 Distance : 10.0 miles Zip Code : 90731

      1300 WEST 7TH ST SAN PEDRO, 90732 1.3 miles

      1000 W CARSON ST TORRANCE, 90502 6.8 miles

      2776 PACIFIC AVE LONG BEACH, 90806 7.6 miles

      2801 ATLANTIC AVE LONG BEACH, 90806 7.6 miles

      4101 TORRANCE BLVD TORRANCE, 90503 8.2 miles

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