Health Insurance in  California payment for Corona Virus
Testing, Quarantine, Treatment,  
enrollment and premium payments

Government Programs for Financial Relief

Employer COVID 19 Relief Options

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Blue Cross Anthem 10 page Guide  April 2021

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Insurance Company Bulletins on Coronavirus Test & Treatment

Under Health Insurance Coverage

Aetna – CVS

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FAQ for 100+ & Self Insured

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Special Enrollment Period

AIG Life Insurance
Cigna Insurance
Blue Shield

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Premium Payment Flexibility  Email us [email protected] if link doesn’t work

No Co Pays or Deductibles for treatment

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Blue Cross 

Coronavirus Member FAQ
Coronavirus Educational Flyer
Coronavirus Broker Employer FAQ

Life Health ONLINE

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CA Department of Insurance

All Lines of Insurance

What if I cannot pay my insurance premiums?

Grace Period extended to July 14th!

Requesting a 60-day grace period to pay insurance premiums – On March 18, 2020, the Department issued a Notice requesting all insurance companies provide their policyholders with at least a 60-day grace period to pay their premiums.

Consumers should contact their insurance company if they need additional time to pay their premium.

Cal Choice

CaliforniaChoice COVID-19 FAQs – Download
COVID-19 Additional Resources – Download

Covered CA   pdf

Enrollment is OPEN due to pandemic!

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Rate Increase for COVID 19?

The COVID-19 outbreak could cause premiums for individuals and employers to spike from 4% to 40% next year, according to a study from Covered CA!

Treatment costs could also vary dramatically, as they could be roughly $30,000 per admission for COVID-19. That figure is based on Medicare rates and the average length of stay of 12 days, which is a similar length for other respiratory cases such as the flu or pneumonia. Fierce Health Care *

$1.1 million, 181 page hospital bill

$1.3 M Patricia Mason 

Medi – Cal

    • Public Health Crisis or Disaster Reminders for Medi-Cal
    • Access to Care During Public Health Crisis or Disaster for Medi-Cal

County Office Contact Information

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What you need to know about Coronavirus

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UHC will cover testing



Warner Pacific – Wholesaler
Western Health Advantage

Nurse 24

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Word & Brown Wholesaler

More info  /covid19

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Workers Compensation

Our webpage on what Worker’s Comp covers

Testing with No Co-Pays, Deductibles, No Out of Pocket, etc.


Californian’s who fit the testing requirements (visit our webpage on Medical Necessity) will receive the test at no charge.  This could be a $1331 expense conservatively Real Clear Politics * Governor Newsom and Insurance Commissioner Lara announced Thursday March 5th. * Los Angeles Times 3.5.2020 *

Criteria for Testing

Do you need the test?

City of Los Angeles – Schedule a Test if you have symptoms or been in contact with an infected person.
Los Angeles Times Steve Lopez 3.24.2020 on what to do if you think you have the virus?
Testing – from swab to result – LA Times 4.1.2020

You may need testing if you have symptoms of infection and have recently traveled to parts of the world where infection rates are high. You may also need testing if you have had close contact with someone who has traveled to one of those areas.

Symptoms of coronavirus infections include:

Symptoms of COVID-19 are usually milder than those of SARS and MERS.
The symptoms of COVID-19 include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath

If you have symptoms and have not traveled to areas where infection rates have been high or been exposed to someone who has, it’s highly unlikely that you have one of these new coronaviruses. You may have another type of virus, such as the flu. The flu is much more common in the United States than the new coronaviruses.

If you test Positive

If your results were positive, it means you probably have a coronavirus infection. There is no specific treatment for these infections, but your health care provider may recommend steps to relieve your symptoms. These include:

Learn more —

Visit our webpage on Medical Necessity


Anthem Blue Cross
COVID Resource Center 

Coverage of COVID 19
Rev 8.2020

11.13.2020 Update  

Anthem Blue Cross FAQ COVID 19

10% premium discount for August 2020


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Michael Flor leaves hospital after 62 day stay for COVID 19

$1.1 million, 181 page hospital bill



Steve talks about International Travel Insurance

steve's video on travel insurance

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Government Public Health Agencies


Social Service Agencies

Resources available from AARP

Mental Health Treatment


Our webpage on Medicare Mental Health

Limitations – Medical Necessity

NAMI on COVID 19 Anxiety, lonely, homelessness, serious Mental Illness


Anxiety about the Corona Virus
  • checking several times a day can keep us in an escalated state of anxiety
  • NPR Mental Health & COVID
  • sticking to reliable sources of coronavirus information such as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • taking reasonable precautions,” safety advice from the CDC,
    • such as frequent handwashing;
    • stay home if you don’t feel well;
    • get enough sleep and
    • take good care of your immune system.
    • “Preparing a plan for the future, such minimizing exposure to large crowds, makes sense and can help reduce anxiety,”
  • Fear is a normal, necessary evolutionary response to threat – ultimately designed to keep us safe. Whether the threat is emotional, social or physical, this response is dependent on a complex interaction between our primitive “animal brain” (the limbic system) and our sophisticated cognitive brain (the neo-cortex).
  • People with health anxiety, preoccupied with health-related information or physical symptoms, are also at risk of worsening mental health as the virus spreads.
    •  stop checking. For example, avoid looking for signs of illness. You are likely to find unfamiliar physical sensations that are harmless but make you feel anxious. Normal physical changes and sensations pass in time, so if you feel your chest tighten, shift your focus onto pleasurable activities and adopt “watchful waiting” in the meantime.
    • At times of stress and anxiety, hyperventilation and shallow breathing is common. Purposeful, regular breathing can therefore work to reset the fight or flight response and prevent the onset of panic and the unpleasant physical symptoms associated with anxiety. Science Alert. com
  • Psychiatrist’s Guide to Coping with COVID 19  Jennifer Yashari MD
  • help with food, housing, job training, transportation and other social support.   Aunt Bertha to connect individuals and families to social services in their communities. visit Aunt Bertha and enter your ZIP code.

Coronavirus Aid, #Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

  • SBA – here you will find information on all COVID-19 related programs that SBA is providing, including the Paycheck Protection Program, Economic Injury Disaster Loans and Emergency Grants, and Small Business Debt Relief.
  • Department of Treasury –  here you will find information on the Paycheck Protection Program, as well as other tax provisions meant to help employers, including non-profits.

Small Biz Owner Guide to the Cares Act

Small Biz Owner Guide to Cares act



Summary Provisions

Click to enlarge

cares act summary provisions

Image courtesy of

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5 comments on “Corona Virus – COVID 19 How does Insurance Cover it? – Relief Programs


    CNN Video
    Asians and Asian Americans are facing increased discrimination linked to the spread of the novel coronavirus, impacting businesses as well as individuals. In New York City’s Chinatown, restaurant owner Rose Wu says business has dropped significantly since the coronavirus outbreak.

  2. Check my webpage above, I have a video from Dr. Duc C. Vuong posted on Coronavirus.
    Yesterday I watched this webinar

    “Global Responses to COVID-19: A conversation with the Consuls of Canada & South Korea”.
    The third livestream between the Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall and the World Trade Center Los Angeles will broaden the forum on business and trade to include the international perspectives of Canada and South Korea.
    This discussion will host the
    Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner at the Canadian Consulate Thierry Weissenburger,
    the Consul at South Korean Consulate Taehoon Ku, and will be moderated by
    President of the World Trade Center Los Angeles Stephen Cheung.
    These global leaders will analyze the responses to COVID-19 taken by their respective governments broadly, and also will hone in on the approaches to assistance programs and mitigating the impact on businesses

    I was impressed with Dr. Vuong showing his credentials, Mr. Cheung didn’t say anything, but his diplomas were behind his desk. Yesterday, I added a picture of my credentials to my bio page.

  3. Boy, I had to search and search my website and emails to find what you might be referring to.
    The only thing I found was the graphic that was the most authoritative thing I could find at the time in an article dated January 21, 2020 and maybe some alt tags.
    Very few people are viewing my pages on Health Coverage for Coronavirus. ONLY ONE person has contacted me about getting coverage under the special enrollment period for corona virus!
    Since I’m under stay at home orders, I haven’t seen any discrimination against Asians.
    We called it the Spanish Flu, German Measles
    Here’s an article about language evolving and no longer using countries to name a disease.
    17 diseases names after places, countries or people.
    Do you think the COUNTRY of China did what they could to contain the disease from spreading throughout the world? I won’t even go into those who think it’s a bio weapon.
    In this case however, it’s even more important to identify the new Wuhan coronavirus sweeping the globe with its origin in the Chinese city of Wuhan as China tried to mask the warning signs of a global outbreak and downplay its severity leading to what the World Health Organization has now declared a “global pandemic.”

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