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We are Kaiser Authorized Agents Broker # 5268 and are happy to help you get  coverage at no extra charge to you.  Kaiser compensates us to help you.   Click here for some of the many benefits that an agent/broker  can provide to the public.     

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Membership Agreements:
January 1, 2018 — December 31, 2018





Minimum coverage


You can provide SBCs in either a paper or electronic format.

To download an SBC, please visit and select your region and plan.

For additional information, download the Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms (PDF) and the SBC guide (PDF).

2018 Committment to affordabilty, etc.

Member Services

Kaiser Service – try this  (800) 789-4661  or the call center @ 800 464 4000 M – F, Saturday or Sunday at 800 773 1370,  Spanish 800 788 0616,  Chinese 800 757 7585

Wellness & Member Tools

Kaiser Healthy Life Styles Wellness Programs

For Better Health Management & Prevention

Care away from home – travel

Doctor & Facility Search


Adult Dental – Non Kaiser

Mandatory Child Vision & Dental

Delta Dental Ins 

Dental Plan Guide

Find Dentist

Explanation of Dental in Kaiser EOC Evidence of Coverage – Membership Agreement – Page 76



EOC Page 51

Vision – Non Kaiser


Child Pages


Kaiser EmployER Group Plans



News & Bulletins



Additional Information & Links

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  1. I am trying to decide between the Bronze and Silver. I need to understand what the percentage copays look like. 15% or 40% of what??

    I was on the phone with Kaiser for an hour and no one could give me an answer. Then they sent me to a cost estimator website that has been retired.


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