Sutter Plans for 2018 4 page pdf
Sutter Plans for 2018 4 page pdf – Rate Chart

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2 comments on “Sutter Health

  1. I am looking at the 2018 rate chart, and I see ages on the far left column.

    Is that the age for the primary holder, and the rate is across the row to the right?

    That makes sense for individual plans, but I am needing a family plan, I have three kids I want to cover.

    Do I add in their costs based on age separately for the total monthly?

    Or is there a different monthly fee chart for families?

    • Here’s the Rate Chart showing age in far left.

      So, if you wanted platinum, and the husband was 26 the rate would be $487.97, if the wife is 22 the rate would be $476 and if you had three kids under 14 they would be $364.52 each. Just add everything up.

      The easiest though is to use our quote engine now for November and December rates. January 2018 rates will be available 11.1.2017. If you qualify for subsidies, our quote engine will figure that for you too.

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